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Season 2 of P-Valley premiered this weekend and while fans were extremely excited for the show to be back, one person, in particular,’ was not!

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Nicci Gilbert took to Instagram and Twitter Saturday to weigh in her thoughts on Starz’ highly rated show. We reported back in January that the singer and executive producer filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Lionsgate, Chernin Entertainment, Starz, creator Katori Hall, executive producer Liz Garcia, and co-producer Patrik-Ian-Polk.

Nicci believes that P-Valley is an unauthorized knock-off of her original musical stage play “Soul Kittens Cabaret,” which was released on DVD in 2011. She alleges the show stole the noir look, unique ploy synopsis, set design, risqué performance venue, and unique characters from “Soul Kittens Cabaret.”

Gilbert claimed that some of the characters on the show shared similarities to the characters in her play, including one named TaTa Burlesque, a transgender club owner.

“The story is about a TaTa Burlesque, who owns this burlesque cabaret risque venue in the city, it’s been around forever,” Gilbert continued. “There’s the spirit of previous dancers there as well. A new girl comes from out of town–middle of nowhere–she comes in and auditions for him and they embrace her but it’s a bunch of stuff that goes on.”

As for her reviews on season 2, Gilbert says the writers have no idea where to take the story because it wasn’t their original content, to begin with. She believes the show didn’t “give what it was supposed to give.”

Here’s her statement:

After watching last night’s episode of #PVALLEY & seeing the REAL reviews from REAL people and viewers vs the ‘Bot generated’ or ‘corporate interest’ ones..

I realize that my Mama had a conversation with GOD & he said, “Let Me Handle It.”

It’s SO obvious that the writer of last night’s episode had NO idea where to take this story, because she didn’t create it. I have yet to see said writer, write an ORIGINAL thought or idea… I don’t care how many awards, accolades or dollars the machine pumps into her.

You have to do the WORK and you can’t hide behind remixing other peoples stories and experiences & try to fool the people.

A project filled with “Topicality” like the pandemic, police violence, Hype Williams type video montages.. is a remixed documentary Borrowing from the trauma of the pandemic & social issues..

Including lyrics from Kelis, Big Sean and others in your written dialogue… remixing MLK’s story… re-writing Tina Turner’s life, ‘re-imagining’ Soul Kitten Cabaret doesn’t make you a writer or dope creator, it makes you a dope journalist with a wild imagination and financial backing.

The cast is super talented and I hope they aren’t underutilized in effort to cover up your infringement.

I was very insulted about this episode airing on the anniversary of my Mom’s passing, but now I know why it did..

When I was going through the R&B Divas litigation she said “They stole that from you baby.. don’t stress, because eventually the universe will make it all fall apart!”💯☝🏾

I wish ill will on no one because I know how Karma works when you’ let GOD handle it.

I know with TV each episode can be written by a different writer, so I hope for the sake of those who didn’t steal from me, it gets better.. but if last night’s episode is any indication, Mama always right! 🤷🏽‍♀️🧿

There’s no word on whether the ongoing lawsuit will affect the forthcoming season. In the meantime, the former 90’s girl group star continues to defend her case and post “evidence” online that supports her claim.

Do you think there are some show-stealing shenanigans going on with P-Valley? Did you tune into season 2? Let us know below.



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