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A couple that fell in love in the pods on Netflix’s “Love Is Blind” is celebrating a milestone.

Fan favorites Iyanna McNeely and Jarrette Jones are still going strong and commemorating their one-year wedding anniversary with sweet social media posts.

Iyanna McNeely and Jarrette Jones

Source: Adam Rose / Netflix

Iyanna marked the occasion with a video dedicated to her hubby who she calls her “mirror” featuring audio saying, “I love you Black man.” She also highlighted hallmarks in their relationship with video clips including a final video filmed just before the “Love Is Blind” reunion.

“One year. One whole year,” wrote Iyanna. “It’s crazy how much things have changed, how well we’ve gotten to know each other, and how much we’ve grown together and separately. Thank you for being my mirror. Thank you for being patient. Thank you for putting in the effort to make this machine work. You are my husband and I am your wife. Now I can honestly say, I choose you wholeheartedly.”



Jarrette also marked the anniversary on his @TheJJones_05 Instagram page. He noted that his wife who he dubs his “lil baby”, his “backbone” and his “partner in crime” grew with him and showed him, unconditional love.

“It’s so crazy to think that a year ago today we both took a HUGE chance at this thing called love and marriage,” wrote Jarrette.” Everyone we spoke to within this past year has said the first year of marriage is the toughest… Welp we made it!! This past year has been filled with highs, lows, uncomfortability, growth, happiness, compromise… I could go on forever, but this roller coaster ride has been well worth it. I’ve learned so much about myself, so much about you and that has molded me to be the best man for us and this marriage.”

So adorable.

The two are apparently on vacation for their anniversary because Iyanna wrote in Jarrette’s comments; “Freshly landed from Mexico, crying next to you on the plane reading this. 😂 Our foundation is set baby. Now it’s time to build. 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

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Iyanna previously told BOSSIP’s Sr. Content Director Janeé Bolden that the public was none too pleased with her hubby but they unanimously showered her with adoration.

“People have been giving Jarrette a hard time — but they love me,” Iyanna laughed at the time.


Luckily it looks like social media has had a change of heart and they’re melting into heart eye goo for both of them, not just the quirky program coordinator.

We have to agree that these two are just too cute!


Iyanna And Jarrette Got Engaged Sight Unseen On “Love Is Blind”

In case you need a refresher on this couple’s history, here’s a recap.

After meeting in “Love Is Blind’s” dating pods and getting engaged sight unseen, Iyanna and Jarrette became one of two couples who tied the knot in the season 2 finale.

Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thompson also wed on “Love Is Blind” and they too are celebrating one year of marriage.

Prior to that Jarrette nearly proposed to another participant, Mallory “Mal” Zapata in the pods before she picked Salvador “Sal” Perez. Later, Jarrette had an inappropriate conversation with Mal when they met on their respective honeymoons and he expressed regret about it.

“I think, in the moment, you’re coming off this high of you’re just now leaving the pods and you’re seeing the other person that you had a connection with for the first time. I definitely think I could have tailored the conversation a different way,” he later added to Us Weekly. “But that’s no excuse for the conversation that did happen. It definitely was a little cringey, also, like she said, [I] just have to remind myself that this was something that happened months ago. We’ve moved past that. We’ve grown past. I’ve done everything that I needed to do every day to just reassure [Iyanna] that, you’re the only one and I made the right choice, and I made the choice for a reason.”

Ultimately Jarrette straightened up and it seems like it’s been smooth sailing ever since for him and Iyanna.

“She’s a better fit for me because she’s everything that I needed,” he told Us Weekly about Iyanna. “On paper, me and Mal would’ve worked out. … I think with Iyanna — she was vastly different and I think those differences are things that I needed in my life to help me grow and be a better person and be a better husband.”

You know what we call that? Growth.

Congrats to Iyanna and Jarette on hitting the one-year mark, we love a happy ending!

What do YOU think about Iyanna and Jarrette celebrating their wedding anniversary?



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