In the latest development in Mo’Nique’s epic drama with comedian DL Hughley, the Precious star has officially apologized to D.L. for harmful remarks she made about his daughter’s alleged sexual traumas. 

D.L. Hughley x Mo'Nique

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As previously reported a firey feud erupted between the two regarding a contract dispute after the comedians hared a playbill for the 105.9 KISS-FM PRESENTS THE COMEDY EXPLOSION in Detroit. Mo’Nique claimed that D.L. (of Kings Of Comedy and The Hughley’s Tv Show fame), refused to perform if he couldn’t perform after her and things got progressively ugly from there. Mo’Nique went full force against not only D.L. but Steve Harvey, the entire entertainment industry, and  D.L.’s wife and daughter who also caught strays. 

Remember that?

Mo’Nique Attacked D.L. For A Previous Statement He Made About His Daughter

Amid their back and forth, Mo brought up an old interview that the comedian did.

D.L. previously went on record to say that in the past, his daughter confessed that something inappropriate had taken place at the hands of someone D.L “liked.” Unfortunately because of his relationship with the accused, the comedian and podcaster “didn’t believe” his daughter and failed to take action. He called it “a decision that he can’t get back.”

 In an Instagram post with the video clip of DL’s confession, Mo’Nique wrote:  

“(This is based upon DL’s own words that you just heard.) @realdlhughley When I said “how can DL’s wife suck the d**k of a coward”, this is what I meant. When my husband & I say we have to fight for the little girls coming up behind us & u see DL didn’t believe his own daughter over a friend, because he seemingly likes his friend more than he LOVED HIS OWN DAUGHTER & didn’t want to be bothered by the inconvenient truth. This highlights why the BLACK WOMEN isn’t believed when she publicly speaks about her trauma. What does the BLACK WOMEN & his (DL’s ) BLACK WIFE have coming. Watch who stands with this man & your looking at the same ones who will sit down, when you our sisters are being attacked. I find it funny that DL will call out 

ICE CUBE, KANYE, RIZZA ISLAM, ANGELA STANTON, MYSELF ETC., but he won’t call out the name of the person that violated his daughter. 


Fans of the Comedy Queen immediately flooded her comments suggesting that she had things too far and said D.L.’s wife and children should be “left out of it.” People were not feeling Mo’Nique “retraumatizing” D.L.’s daughter while trying to discredit or attack him and D.L.’s other daughter, Ryan Nicole Shepard, voiced her displeasure with the comedienne’s “poisonous mouth” on Instagram.

“Using my mama and my sister to show people my father’s character only shows how little mental stability, dignity, morality and respect you have not only for yourself but other Black women,” wrote Shepard who also asked Mo if she’d “like to meet up in person.” “You’re disgusting and you absolutely need to keep every single member of MY family’s name out of your poisonous mouth.”

Mo reposted Shepard’s words and agreed to meet with her in person because it could be “healing” for the community.

D.L. then clapped back and labeled Mo a “monster.”

“I know I said that I had done all I could here about this whole Mo’Nique situation but over the weekend her and her husband released a video where I was doing an interview and I detailed my daughter’s sexual trauma,” Hughley said. “Mo’Nique has taken that video and perverted it for her own uses. She decided to add her own narrative.

“You are a monster. You literally are,” he said. “You didn’t play Precious’ mother. You let her out. You stopped pretending to be human and you won…an Oscar for being exactly who you are.”

Mo’Nique Changes Her Tune—But Won’t Apologize To D.L.

Over the weekend Mo finally apologized for her attack.

“I’d like to consider myself a woman of honor, so I’ve got to do something right now publicly, that I did publicly. And when I f*** something up, I’ve got to fix it up. So I’m going to take care of that right now before I go any motherf***g  further,” said Mo while on stage at a comedy show. 

“To D.L. Hughley’s family, I want to publicly apologize if I hurt anyone’s feelings. I want to publicly apologize to his wife, his babies, if I hurt their feelings because that was never my goddamn intention. I never meant to hurt their feelings.” she exclaimed. 

She didn’t extend those feelings towards the family patriarch however as she expressed no change in her perspective. In regards to D.L. “Oh, but that n***a D.L., I meant every motherf***g thing I said,” she added.

Well, my loves, let’s hope the two can put this beef to bed and Ms. Mo can focus on her upcoming project with Lee Daniels without centering herself in ANY MORE DRAMA.


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