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Many white folks and other non-Black folks rarely miss an opportunity to tell us exactly who they are when it comes time to celebrate something Black. An egregiously misspelled name, an apathetic pronunciation of a name, Blackface, stereotypes, microaggression, and of course, outright racist slurs are all on the table. It never fails.

Millinocket Maine Insurance Company Posts Racist Juneteenth Sign

We say all that to say that it should come as no surprise that not everybody is happy about the national celebration of the “end” of slavery in America. They either wish it never ended or find acknowledgment of America’s truth to be annoying and inconvenient. Both groups of people can bask in the searing eternity of Hell. According to NPR, an insurance company in Millinocket, Maine most likely landed in the dead center of the aforementioned Venn diagram of hatred. On Monday, the second annual federal holiday celebrating Juneteenth, the Harry E. Reed Insurance Agency posted the following sign on its door to announce its close of business for the day…

According to the 2020 census, there are 18,635 Black people in Maine which accounts for 1.7% of the population. That means that there legitimately wasn’t even a good chance that a Black person would see this lil’ f*** a** sign and despite that this Ritz-owned business STILL felt the need to express their disdain for the original man.

These soup cookies are an evil bunch.



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