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Comedian Lil Duval was recently slammed with criticism after he shared his thoughts about the steamy same-sex scene on P-Valley’s latest episode.

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If you’re new to the sizzling STARZ series, P-Valley details the trials and tribulations of people who live, work and play at The Pynk, one of the hottest strip clubs in the Mississippi Delta.

Since its debut in 2020, fans have been bracing themselves to see what drama will unfold next on the show. Now, it seems like season two is kicking things up a notch, judging by that titillating same-sex scene with Lil Murda and Big Teak that aired on Sunday.

After watching the episode, Lil Duval took to Twitter on Wednesday to air out a few grievances about the steamy scene.

“Yea p valley lost me. They need a super gay advisory on movies like they got for everything else. Cuz That’s a lot to see if u not use to it,” he tweeted.

After he hit send on the post, it wasn’t long before fans and detractors slammed the “Living My Best Life” singer for his seemingly controversial take on the episode.

“You are watching a show about a gay man who owns and operates a strip club,” wrote one user, referencing the show’s main character Uncle Clifford.

As more backlash poured in, Duval let off another tweet, doubling down on his opposition to the raunchy scene.


I can watch gay people all day but i don’t wanna see them f***. And that’s not homophonic cuz i feel the same way about my momma. I can watch my momma but i don’t wanna see her F***!!!! Do y’all get it?”


Duval also added that there were plenty of heterosexual scenes that he didn’t want to see either.


In a follow post, the Guy Code alum admitted that same-sex lesbian scenes don’t “bother” him because he’s “use to” seeing them.

“That what y’all missing. It’s about what you’re USE TO! you’re always gon be shocked at something you’re not use to. That’s human nature. U can’t just throw something on somebody and be offended cuz they shocked,” he explained of his rationale.


P-Valley writer Patrik-Ian Polk slams Lil Duval for his comment

Well, eventually the loud discourse prompted Patrik Ian- Polk, one of the writers behind P-Valley, to address Duval’s concerns about the episode, and he delivered an eloquent clap back to the star.

“I encourage you to step away from Chucalissa. This show is not for you. Go watch something else. Cuz the gay ain’t goin’ nowhere,” he commented jokingly.

“I’m kidding, of course. In all seriousness, if you find the show too uncomfortable to watch, you’re welcome to change the channel and watch something else,” he continued. “But why feel the need to come online and spew your homophobic nonsense? We don’t care! #PValley.”

Polk also gathered the comedian with a few more carefully crafted responses, noting how straight men are “triggered by gay love scenes” because it “brings up questions they have about their own sexuality.”

Intimacy coordinator for P-Valley shares how she keeps things safe and consensual on set

Well, things have gotten pretty sexy “down in the valley,” this season, and thankfully the cast and crew behind the show are making sure all the scenes involving nudity stay safe and consensual.

During a recent interview with Buzzfeed, Zuri Pryor-Graves, an intimacy coordinator that works for the hit series, opened up about how she ensures safety and comfort for the cast during heated sex scenes.

According to the licensed sex therapist, all of the actors are required to check in with her about any concerns they may have regarding nudity, physical contact or any other sensitive matters, before filming.


“An actor knows what their boundaries are, for the most part,” Pryor-Graves told the media outlet. “My job is to hope that they aren’t finding them through the trauma of doing something or saying [something] that they’re not OK with when they get in the space.”

When working with straight actors on intimate same-sex scenes, Pryor-Graves shared that it’s vital to “hold space for the emotions that might be brought up when you have that experience.”

“If you’re a person who’s had sex before but have never had it in this way, even though we’re not technically having sex, those thoughts have a place,” she said, before adding:

“Keeping people comfortable is important. The actors are happy to be able to be those voices for those stories, but also want to be authentic to themselves, the story, and the people they’re telling stories for.”

What did you think about P-Valley’s steamy same-sex scene? Was Lil Duval overreacting in your opinion?

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