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Lord, here y’all go again…


P-Valley Season 2 premiere

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The latest episode of a Chucalissa stripper series absolutely went there, and some people just can’t deal.

Sunday’s episode of STARZ“P-Valley” was titled “Demethrius” and it’s sending shockwaves across social media. It was ripe with racial tension and showcased the aftermath of a police shooting varying from curfews to protests and riots.

That wasn’t the only tension, however, the episode was bristling with sexual tension and featured TWO queer sex scenes.

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P-Valley’s “Demethrius” Episode Features Mercedes & Lil Murda Sex Scenes

In case you missed “Demethrius”, here’s what went down.


Mercedes [Brandee Evans] gets a text from Coach to come over for another one of their contractually agreed-upon smithereens sessions. He’s not home, however, but his wife Farrah [Shamika Cotton], who had a threesome with Coach and Mercedes, is.

Amid looming tension between the ladies and admissions that it was both of their first times having a three-way, Farrah admits that she tricked Mercedes into coming over because she admires her—-and very clearly desires her as she seduces and sexes her on the couch.


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Source: P Valley / Starz

Later, we see Big Teak [John Clarence Stewart] being triggered by the police brutality happening in the episode and struggling to cope.


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He explodes on Keyshawn’s [Shannon Thornton] friend, Gidget [Skyler Joy], and breaks a table while calling the white woman pasty.

Steaming with anger, he’s eventually consoled by his homeboy [that he did a jail bid for] Lil Murda [J. Alphonse Nicholson] who tenderly kisses Teak on the forehead in a motel room.

Things then heat up and it culminates with passionate sex, something P-Valley viewers honestly should’ve seen coming based on the stolen glances between the two.

The next morning Murda wakes up in an empty bed as Teak looms nearby [fully dressed] and angry, once again. He’s holding the postcard that Murda planned to send to his nonbinary lover Uncle Clifford [Nicco Annan] and says; “All that time you been out, you ain’t never write ME no postcards.”


As you can imagine, some people can’t handle the queer representation on P-Valley [although it was clearly explored in season one—ARE THEY NEW HERE?!] and they’re expressing outrage while calling the scenes “forced” and “too much.”

Luckily the actors on the show already anticipated this and they’ve got lots to say.


Brandee Evans And J. Alphonse Nicholson Speak On P-Valley’s Queer Representation

Brandee Evans and J. Alphonse Nicholson chatted with PopSugar about the headline-making episode that’s got homophobes buzzing.

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According to Evans who had her first [girl] kiss and sex scene on P-Valley, Nicholson deserves all the praise for his performance.

“Standing ovation to J. Alphonse . . . he taps into that character so beautifully,” Evans who admitted she was nervous about the scene told PopSugar. “Alphonse always says that his job is to tell the story truthfully and respectfully, so I love that he’s not afraid. When I tell you, he gets so much flack [for it], sometimes people feel like he goes too far. But that’s not fair, to me, because he’s not going far — he’s going there, which is the truth of it. He’s showing what is truly happening . . . Some people might want to close their eyes to it, but nothing’s going away, so hopefully this world will allow some people to open up their eyes and see that love is love.”


Nicholson, who’s married to wife Nafeesha Nicholson and identifies as straight, told PopSugar that he was equally nervous about his gay character’s scene although Lil Murda and Uncle Clifford had a sex scene in season one.

Premiere Of STARZ Season 2 Of "P-Valley" - Red Carpet

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“I said, “Wow, we’re going there and people are going to see myself as an actor, but also the character, Lil Murda, in a way that they’ve never seen me before,” said Nicholson to PopSugar.

“It’s extremely important [to show these images] because it’s a part of life that not only is taboo within the [Black] community on a daily basis, but in the TV and film worlds as well,” Nicholson remarks. “We haven’t seen that often, and even in the moments that we’ve seen it, I think it was kind of expected. Lil Murda is one of those characters that constantly gives you things that you don’t expect, and so I’m grateful that [creator Katori Hall] trusted me with the choices that were being made.”

Premiere Of STARZ Season 2 Of "P-Valley" - Red Carpet

Source: Rodin Eckenroth / Getty

The actor also spoke on the sex scene with Vulture and detailed how he and John Clarence Stewart established their onscreen chemistry.

“Just trusting our process and knowing that we both come from the theater background, where you really just have to sit in the work and breathe and believe, as I like to say. So us kind of putting our nerves to the side and saying, You know what, let’s tell the story; let’s tell it correctly,” he told Variety. “John is a constant professional so knowing that we’re both gonna bring our best every day made it pretty seamless.”

“Sex scenes are just uncomfortable — it doesn’t matter what your sexual preference is or who you like or what you like, it’s just uncomfortable because there are so many people in the room and lights and cameras and all these things,” he added. “But we knew we had a job to do. I got a real feeling that we both understood that we were gonna make history. We both felt what that energy was gonna be and locked in and got it done.”



On Tuesday J. Alphonse Nicholson posted a Twitter message about both the love and hate “being real.”

Did YOU watch the latest episode of P-Valley? What do YOU think about the Lil Murda/Big Teak post-card-calamity?



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