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Married To Medicine Season 9

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On the “Married To Medicine” season 9 premiere viewers saw one of the ladies open up about selling her former “dream house” and she further explained her reasoning in an interview with BOSSIP. Last season, Toya Bush-Harris made waves when she showed off her five-bedroom, eight-bathroom home that featured a two-story closet, 6 fireplaces including one that’s 25 feet tall, and an enormous pool.

Toya and her husband Dr. Eugene allegedly bought the home for $2M and Toya was seen calling it her “dream” amid fellow M2M star Ms. Quad claiming that Toya had to “beg, borrow and steal” to afford it.

Can you say shade?


Toya Admits She Sold Her House, Tells BOSSIP That It Was Far From Her ‘Forever Home’

On the “Married To Medicine” premiere, Toya talked about selling the massive mansion that she reportedly listed for $3.5 million and said that the home didn’t have an elevator, and the pool wasn’t large enough for the entire family.

“The last house didn’t have an elevator,” said Toya. “The last house couldn’t have a tennis court, couldn’t do anything,” she explained. “Beautiful pool, but it just wasn’t large enough for kids and adults. I’m not attached to a home. The home was my family,” said Toya who’s currently renting a huge house with an elevator while her next home is being built.


On Twitter, people had LOTS to say about Toya’s comments about the former “dream house” and the “Married To Medicine” star responded directly.

Toya also told BOSSIP’s Managing Editor Dani Canada that selling the house was about one thing; cold-hard cash. “I’m bout that money!” said Toya who previously noted on “Watch What Happens Live” that people in her neighborhood were selling their homes and making over a million dollars in profit.

“First of all, nothing is forever,” said Toya during BOSSIP’s Reality Recap. My husband and I, we make the home. My children are the added addition to the love within the home, it doesn’t matter where we stay it’s home.

“Second of all, I’m bout that money. The house we’re building now if someone says I’ll give you $2 million over what you’re asking for, okay! You’d have to be a fool not to. As long as my kids don’t feel like it’s affecting their life, at this point they know mommy got ’em. It’s been a happy thing for us. We need this, especially after Covid you need to be comfortable in your house,” she added. “Tell me the other investments where I can make a million like that?!”

Wellll, she has a point.



In addition to speaking on building a brand new home on BOSSIP’s Reality Recap, Toya also dished on her fellow #M2M castmates of past and present including Dr. Heavenly that she dubbed a “fake, dirty, mean girl” and Quad who she dubbed “a fraud” and “20,000 people in one.”

She also spoke on former cast member/creator/executive producer Mariah Huq. According to Toya, she’s grateful for the opportunity that Mariah presented by bringing her onto “Married To Medicine” but she ultimatley “doesn’t owe her her life.”

“After Mariah’s last reunion we had a conversation that definitley had us come to a separation,” said Toya during BOSSIP’s Reality Recap. “I love the fact that Mariah introudced me to this whole ‘Married To Medicine” and the producers and all of us came together and developed a great show but I don’t owe you my life.

“I think that I bring a lot to “Married To Medicine” every seaosn and I realized that she wasn’t really my friend and I was a friend to her. As much as I love her family, I love her children, I love her husband and I still have love for her—I just feel like it’s not healthy for me.”


Are YOU watching “Married To Medicine” season 9? It airs Sundays at 9/8 c on Bravo.


Watch Toya Bush-Harris on BOSSIP’s Reality Recap below.




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