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Toya Bush Harris heard that “Married To Medicine” shade about her million-dollar mansion and she’s issuing a response.

Married to Medicine - Season 8

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On Sunday’s episode, Ms. Quad and Dr. Heavenly were seen ki’king about their lives during the pandemic when Heavenly brought up Toya.

“Toya got her a new house,” said Heavenly adding that Toya’s been “mean” since she bought it.

To drive that point home, she showed Quad an Instagram Live that Toya did alongside Dr. Simone Whitmore and Simone’s hubby, where she shaded Quad’s living arrangements.

“But she hasn’t done that, and she only films with Heavenly,” said Toya while speaking on Quad not “showing her situation” on camera. “And they only in that bulls** a** apartment. Talking that bulls***.”

“I’m just saying, y’all are cool. Right?” Heavenly asked Quad after showing her the video.

That prompted Quad to send shade right back.

According to Quad, Toya had to “beg, borrow and steal” to get the $2 million home that features five bedrooms and eight bathrooms, a two-story closet, 6 fireplaces including one that’s 25-feet tall, and an enormous pool.

In fact, Quad alleged that Toya took out a $100,000 personal loan for the pool alone.

“She should be the last person talking about anybody’s house and especially talking about mine because I know her real tea in terms of how she even got the motherf–king house,” said Quad. “She begged, borrowed and stole and just in that order. The gi4l took ut a $100,000 personal loan just to get the pool, b***.”

“B*** don’t talk about my house when you barely got yours,” said Quad. “She barely, by the skin of her teeth got her house!”

On Sunday when Toya appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen she shared her reaction to seeing Quad and Dr. Heavenly’s conversation and refuted the claims.

“You know, I was very disappointed in the two of them. I just felt like here’s two women who are supposed to be my friends,” Toya said before adding, “But I wasn’t surprised because they’ve been talking about me in a negative way since I’ve been on the show. It was like they couldn’t even wait to talk about me, Andy. I mean, it was silly.”

Late last year reports surfaced that Toya and her husband Eugene were actually selling the home. RealityBlurb reported that the home was up for sale for $3.525 million. Toya acutally confirmed on Watch What Happens Live that that’s indeed true.

While noting that the house isn’t actually her “dream home”, Toya said;

“Everybody in my neighborhood was selling their homes and they were making a million dollars over what they bought it for,” said Toya noting that she wanted in on the action.

She also confirmed that an offer for the house hasn’t come in yet.

Toya’s husband Eugene also caught some shade from Quad via Twitter who implored him to stay out of women’s business.

Are YOU watching the new season of Married To Medicine??? What do YOU think about the home loan shade???



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