A TikTok influencer has gone viral for selling curiously colored, exploding condiment “pink sauce” with nutritional facts seemingly just based on vibes. There’s lots to unpack here, so let’s begin.

Pink Sauce Was Created By Chef Pii

Chef.Pii, a self-proclaimed “private chef” recently went from aspiring entrepreneur to social media’s main character in just a few days.

Unfortunately, this young sister out of Miami is getting attention for all the wrong reasons.

Pii’s Pink Sauce Goes Viral

Back in June, Chef.Pii began to promote a mysterious candy-colored condiment by the name of “Pink Sauce.” Her TikTok grid is full of her pouring the mystery sauce onto many food items like fried chicken, french fries, and even tacos. Multiple “live reactions” were posted of unsuspecting people trying the sauce in real-time. The reactions are a mixed bag as some struggle to describe the sauce taste, some appear blatantly underwhelmed and others politely smile and nod with quiet utterances of “it’s good.”

With over 50.6K followers currently, Pii created a buzz around the sauce by refusing to say what it tastes like.

People began purchasing $20 pre-orders of the sauce out of sheer curiosity and took Chef.Pii’s word for it.

As the official launch date got closer she revealed her super cute suqeezable mayo-like bottles with a font eerily reminiscent of Victoria’s Secret PINK items.


The chef then went on to share that the first 50 shipments were packaged and “ready to be shipped.” Why they were wrapped up like unrefrigerated subway sandwiches remains unclear, but we digress.



This however is where things started to get concerning. The “unconventional” shipping prompted followers to ask questions about refrigeration and overheating.


One TikTok user in particular wrrote:

“hey i deliver for usps and we kinda just shove packages into the mailbox or lockboxes, these things are prob gonna overheat and curdle or explode or just go bad while theyre waiting to be picked up out of the boxes. just be careful and maybe do temp controlled packaging.”

This proved to be a valid concern since the chaotic condiment contains milk but fails to list any preservatives that would ensure the sauce remains fresh traveling from Chef Pii’s native Florida to their intended destinations.


 Pink Sauce Packages Explode Onto The Scene…Literally

The suspect sauce shipped out and two weeks later the reviews began pouring in. As you can imagine, they weren’t pretty. Videos under the “hashtag” #PinkSauce began to circulate and some were far more disgusting than anyone could have imagined. Chefs, restauranteurs, and Food Safety experts from across the globe began reacting to the viral videos of busted leaking packages and reports of foul-smelling plastic bags popping up on purchasers’ porches.

The package was full of pink sauce and red flags. The biggest red flag people noticed immediately was that the serving size per container was 444. 444 servings per bottle but each serving is 14.1g or 1.1 tablespoons.

The serving size was so far off base that the overall assumption is Pii was freestyling facts and slapping it onto the bottle. One TikToker even showed that their label was even placed with GLITTER GLUE.

Several people also pointed out another huge red flag; the word vinegar is misspelled in the list of ingredients. Pii’s Pink Sauce instead has “VINGER” listed on the packaging.

What’s In The Pink Sauce?

Pii has since detailed the ingredients of the pink sauce and it allegedly contains dragonfruit, sunflower seed oil, honey, chili and garlic. Maybe it’s the “vinger” causing the packages to explode but TikTok food safety experts have suggested that it could be the unrefrigerated milk products in the bottle while others suggest it may be the honey. That lack of transparency surrounding the ingredients is concerning, to say the least.


One of the more popular reviews shows a gloved woman revealing a very bloated Pink Sauce bottle that expresses a very loud hissing sound when it’s opened. Did we mention that the sauce appears to be a different shade of pink in each video?


Pink Sauce Condiment Concerns Roll In & Chef Pii Apologizes

In a video that now has well over 7 million likes, TikTok user @seansvv posted their concern in an attempt to bring awareness to the dangers of the dipping sauce and hold Chef Pii accountable for unsafe food handling as there was no doubt that people were putting themself at risk for food poisoning or even death by consuming the sauce.

Currently, the chef seems to be safe from any legal repercussions thanks to “cottage law”, a law that lets Americans legally sell food items straight out of their kitchen. All press seems to be good press as chef Pii’s videos are now garnering hundreds of thousands of views. Chef Pii posted an apology video, taking responsibility for the incorrect nutritional labels, and the exploding pink sauce bombs that her original customers received.


Of course, once Pink Sauce found its way to Twitter and PEAK hilarity ensued.

We’re for supporting small businesses [especially Black ones], but it sounds like the only pink sauce you’ll need after trying this is Pepto Bismol…


Best wishes to Chef Pii, though.

Are YOU trying TikTok’s pink sauce????



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