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R. Kelly says his wife, Andrea Kelly, is at fault for his absence in his children’s lives and for sexual deprivation…What now?

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Source: Cook County Department of Corrections / Cook County Department of Corrections

RadarOnline has obtained the psychiatric evaluation report that R. Kelly’s lawyer submitted to the court. A specialist conducted several sessions with the R&B singer on various topics including his childhood, romantic relationships and sexual preferences. His lawyer’s goal was to gain sympathy from the judge in hopes of a lighter sentence but the public official did not waiver and decided 30 years in prison was justifiable.

This is the same sentence Gislaine Epstein should have received, but I digress.

In the document, Kelly spoke in length about his ex wife, Andrea also known as Dre. The two met when she was hired as one of his choreographers and were married from 1996 to 2009. Kelly admitted the marriage ended when Dre decided that she no longer wanted to be a housewife so she could pursue her career in dancing.

You would hope that your mate would support you in achieving your dreams but Kells was not having it. He said Dre “agreed to be a housewife and raise the children prior to the marriage.”

Often times, narcissistic men want their wives career-less so she has no form of independence and he can maintain complete control.

Dre has been public about the abuse she says she experienced during her marriage to Robert. In a 2019 Vibe interview, she stated, “When I think about all the ways that I have abused b Robert, from being hogtied, having both of my shoulders dislocated, to being slapped, pushed, having things thrown at me, the sexual abuse, the mental abuse, words can’t even describe.”

Is it just me or do you hear Gayle King’s voice whenever you see or hear him referred to as Robert? Again, I digress.

Dre and Kelly have 3 children : 24-year-old Joann Kelly, 22-year-old Jaya and 20-year-old Robert Kelly Jr.

Kelly says his ex-wife is to blame for their estrangement. Orrr…this may sound crazy, but maybe it’s the fact that you, Mr. Kelly, have been sexually assaulting women and they now find you to be kinda cringey. Not to mention, they may have wanted to severe ties due to the abuse they witnessed their mom experience at your hands.

After the 2019 documentary, “Surviving R. Kelly” was released, he and members of his family received relentless backlash which compelled his daughter Joanna to speak out. In a statement she said, “Anyone that knows me personally knows that I don’t have a relationship with my father.”

She continued, “The same monster you all are confronting me about is my father. I am well aware of who and what he is. I grew up in that house”.

I don’t understand why people would attack his children as if they are their father’s keeper. He failed them and they are coping with the trauma of having a father that is a sexual predator. Why include them in his public dragging?

Kelly was found guilty of sex trafficking and racketeering by a New York jury last year. The 30 year prison sentence still stands. The judge stated he would, “unlikely be deterred from further sexually abusing and exploiting children and others” if she chose leniency. Recently, he was transported to Chicago where he will face a separate criminal trial.

The fact that he attempted to blame his wife reveals he is still unwilling to take full accountability for the deplorable acts he committed. It was you sir. No one else. 3 decades is quite some time to be locked away. Far from the life of partying, poppin’ bottles and luxury vehicles. The “fiesta” is officially over and it is now time for Kelly to accept the karma he created.


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