Today is day 158 of Brittney Griner’s detention in a Russian prison for charges of possession of cannabis oil. If they have their way, the Russkis will keep the basketball star for up to ten years over this petty offense. We all understand what’s going on here. Vladimir Putin knows that BG is an American celebrity and Russia is using her life as bait for God-only-knows. New news suggests that perhaps they are getting their wish…

Biden Offers Russian Arms Trafficker In Trade For Brittney Griner And Paul Whelan

According to ESPN reporting, President Biden has proffered a trade to the Russian government. The United States will release international arms dealer Viktor Bout in exchange of the release of BG and another American detainee Paul Whelan. Bout’s nickname is “Merchant of Death” and he was arrested back in 2008 in Thailand before being extradited to America in 2010 for attempting to provide weapons for the Colombian army against the U.S. Sounds like the type of guy who should probably be in prison. BG, on the other hand, had a lil’ weed.

Who the hell is Paul Whelan, you ask? Well, he is described as a “corporate security director” who was kicked out the Marines for “bad conduct”. He also served as a police officer in Michigan somewhere. In 2018 he was arrested and charged with being a spy as he is Canadian-born with multiple citizenships including American, British, and Irish. Does kind of sound like a spy, we can’t lie but we digress.

This is the first time that the White House has made public any legitimate effort to get BG home. There is no word on whether or not Russia is willing to accept Biden’s deal but we will likely have more information soon.

What say you about this proposal? Hit the comments and hash it out.


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