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Every time Beyoncé drops an album, everybody and their mama comes out of the woodwork to give their two cents–especially when they have something negative to say.

Beyonce And Jay-Z

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No more than 24 hours after Bey’s team announced she would be changing the lyrics on the Renaissance track “Heated” over complaints about the repeated use of the ableist term “spazz,” Fox News commentators condemned the singer for her decision.

On Monday’s episode of The Ingraham Angle, Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade asked contributor Raymond Arroyo to weigh in on the situation. Unsurprisingly, that led to an unsavory conversation.

“I’ll let the audience pick the offensive part of this lyric … I dare you,” Arroyo said, introducing the portion of the song in which Beyoncé sings, “Spazzin’ on that a–/ Spazz on that a–/ Dimples on my hip, stretch marks on my t–s/ Drinkin’ my water, mindin’ my biz/ Monday, I’m overrated, Tuesday, on my d–k/ Flip-flop, flippy, flip-floppin’ a–.”


While disability advocates were upset over Bey’s use of “spaz,” Arroyo was upset over…well, everything else in the song.

He noted that Bey uses “the N-word, filthy terms for male/female genitalia, breasts and a–, but ‘spazz’ is the offensive term in that lyric…I don’t think she went far enough with the clean-up and lyric revision.”

Kilmeade went on to say,

“[Beyoncé’s] a parent … we haven’t really seen her in a while. Barely dressed, dancing around, and now she comes back more vile than ever. Putting out X-rated lyrics. Plus, what about the dimpled a– community,” he added. “Are they insulted by being used in her songs?”

Another critic to make their stance on the Beyoncé album known? Khia.

Khia Blasts Beyoncé’s Renaissance As “Devil Worshipping Music”

She clearly wasn’t a fan of Renaissance, posting a video about her thoughts on the project and asking Bey, “We’ve been on lockdown for three years and this is all you could come up with?”

She went on to mock the singer for “stolen samples” on the record and called Beyoncé a child of the devil. She also referenced her mother, Tina Knowles, saying she needed to “sacrifice another goat” so her daughter could make better music.

To make matters all the more hilarious, Khia’s former friend/”Queens Court” collaborator, TS Madison, is featured on Beyoncé’s song “Cozy,” providing one reason as to why she’s so hurt.

Madison, however, is clearly unbothered, responding to Khia’s criticism of the album by tweeting, “It’s never a b***h on your level that’s hating…. It’s always them heauxs looking from the bottom!!”

She added, “B***h I’m #cozy” with a couple of laughing emojis to add insult to injury and dragged Khia further on Instagram.



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