Cardi B Says Onion Water Helped Grow Her Hair Tailbone Length

Inches Incoming: Cardi B Says She Used Onion Water To Grow Her Flourishing Follicles To Her Tailbone

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Cardi got incheeeees and it’s not from a lace front install, it’s straight from her scalp thanks in part to onion water!

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The “Bodak Yellow” rapper recently shared an Instagram post of her tailbone-length hair that has the girls gagging.

“My last 2 washes I been boiling onions and using the water to wash my hair,” Cardi captioned the post. “I used to do this 6 years ago when I started my healthy hair growth journey. I stopped cause I got really lazy.Its odorless and I notice that it’s been giving a shine to my hair.”


Cardi has been wearing protective styles (wigs) for years and she is clearly reaping the benefits. Back in November, the rapper shared a length check to social media and it’s clear that her hair routine is still working.

Many were surprised to learn that onion water was the secret to Cardi gaining those Rapunzel-like locks but acording to Healthline, there are numerous benefits.

    • Onion juice contains sulfur, which can prevent thinning and hair breakage. The less your hair thins and breaks – the thicker the hair growth.
    • Massaging the scalp with onion juice can increase blood circulation, which stimulates hair growth.
    • The sulfur within the onion juice also mildly nourishes the hair follicles, which allows the regeneration of healthy hair.
    • Onion juice has antibacterial properties that can help to keep your scalp clear of infections that would stifle your hair growth.

Fans React To Cardi B’s Real Long, Real Hair


There have been a variety of reactions to Cardi’s latest hair update ranging from praise to befuddlement.

One user tweeted;

“Recently cut my hair to start a new hair growth journey. Highly considering using @iamcardb onion method for shine. I’ve actually heard this works before. Let’s see if onion juice is strong enough to reduce split ends. #onionjuice”

Others agreed that Cardi might be onto something with her onion water method.

Cardi also clapped back at a fan who claimed that her length retention was simply due to genetics.

“NO it’s time, dedication, and discipline,” said Cardi noting that she’s revealed her hair in several stages.

She was backed up by several members of her Bardi Gang who posted pics of her hair journey.


And of course, there were some detractors in the mix who guffawed at Cardi’s vegetable concoction solution.



Cardi’s hair reveal has several fans wondering if she plans to release a haircare line.


One thing’s for sure, Cardi’s hair is giving health and hang-time.

If the “WAP” rapper developed a line of hair growth products, would you be down to purchase?



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