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The hits keep on coming for R. Kelly, and they’re not new songs.


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Less than two months after a 30-year sentence for sex trafficking and racketeering, the disgraced singer’s troubles are far from over. In addition to a paternity dispute with Joycelyn Savage and the feds freezing nearly $30,000 from Kelly’s commissary, he’s facing more prison time. The AP reports Kelly’s alleged victim from the infamous tape will finally testify against him in a new federal trial starting August 15.

“Minor 1” In R. Kelly Case Might Be Getting A “Second Chance” At Justice

The case that seemed to vindicate Kelly when he was acquitted in 2008 is now under federal scrutiny, reports AP. The girl, involved in the court filings known only as “Minor 1” was about 14 in the video, and Kelly was believed to be about 30 years old. Unlike in the original trial, the alleged victim from the 2002 tape will testify against Kelly for the first time during the federal trial.

Kelly is charged with conspiracy to obstruct justice for bribing and threatening accusers in that case, including “Minor 1” and her family. He also faces four charges for enticement of minors for sex. Prosecutors expect all four of the alleged victims to testify as well.

This trial is more than a redo of the 2008 case because it will feature more evidence. The tape of “Minor 1,” was the only video prosecutors had back then. Now, they will present the original tape and at least three more videos to a federal jury.

Kelly’s longtime associates, Derrel McDavid and Milton Brown are charged as co-defendants in the case, adds AP. Prosecutors claim the former was part of rigging the trial on Kelly’s behalf. Brown is charged with receiving and handling the tapes of exploited children.

Joycelyn Savage Makes R. Kelly Pregnancy Claims

The singer’s lawyer Jennifer Bonjean is working overtime, responding to sexual assault charges and recent Joycelyn Savage paternity claims. In her suspiciously short 11-page book, “Love and Joy of Robert,” Savage announced that she’s pregnant with Kelly’s fourth child.

Bonjean denied the 26-year-old’s claims Saturday saying that Joycelyn “is certainly not pregnant with R. Kelly’s child.” The math for this baby’s conceptions adds up as much as an 11-page “book.” Savage did not reveal how far along she is, but Kelly has been behind bars for over a year. Savage alleged that she found out she was pregnant the day after Kelly was sentenced to 30 years.

“It was a happy day but an incomplete time in my life. Today I am grateful to God for giving me the most precious gift. Robert is extremely excited about the news that I am having a baby and feels sad that Robert will not be able to be here with us,” Savage wrote.

Although Savage says Kelly put a ring on it during that time, he reportedly did so by mailing an engagement ring to her. Ig Savage really did receive a ring from the convicted felon, she better hope the feds don’t try to snatch that like his commissary money.

Feds Want To Seize $27K Of Kelly’s Commissary Money

Feds are coming for more than R. Kelly’s last chance at freedom. Despite previous claims that he was broke, Kelly has a huge amount of money sitting on his books. According to News One, New York Federal prosecutors want to seize $27,828 from the singer’s prison commissary.

Prosecutors petitioned the federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) to put that large lump sum towards his massive unpaid court fees and the BOP restricted his access to $500 since New York Federal Judge Ann Donnelly added a $100,000 fine and a $40,000 human trafficking penalty to his 30-year sentence, reports NewsOne.

After Kelly’s federal trial in Chicago, he is due in court in Minnesota. The singer is charged with hiring a minor to engage in sexual acts and engaging in prostitution with a minor.



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