Pure Comedy: Kate Gosselin Confirms That Wankster Jon Has A Little Wee Wee

- By Bossip Staff

Dayum these broads are straight clowning on your boy Jon Gossellin right now. Last week, his lil hussy Hailey Glassman had jokes that his thang was “tiny, tiny, tiny” and “three inches long”…and now reports are saying that Kate used to always call Jon’s wee wee “Stubby” to his face.

Wow, for a cat with a gang of kids he must’ve been putting in extra work pumping and thrusting with that little 9-year old sized peen. Poor thang.

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    well,since she had to be inseminated to get pregnant,i figured something had to be wrong with his piping!!

  • Angel

    Lmao. I wouldn’t doubt it. You know what they say.

  • pickel


  • Mock Rock Star

    Like I’ve said before white guys have small d*cks and I think this guy is white and asian so I’m surprised he even has a d*ck.

  • real black is chocolate f'ck fake azz bullsh't!!!! real nikka aka Gmen

    Mock Rock Star


  • Wreckless Driver

    Well she MARRIED him so what does that say about her???????????????

  • Pal Joey

    OMG how embarssing

  • Boss Lady

    That is no one’s business…

  • Joseph

    What is new, the man is half white and half Asian. They dont get any smaller.

  • ooofucthaaat!!!!!!

    I wonder if his head game is tight. Most white men have the head game on lock. But this one is a mutt so i dunno.

  • real black is chocolate f'ck fake azz bullsh't!!!! real nikka aka Gmen


    “kind of pettiness”

    not bad lol

  • ooofucthaaat!!!!!!

    Look at the top of his head he is so going bald. I wonder why white men hair starts going bald by the time they are 25.
    White people age very fast. It is not uncommon to see a 24 year old white person who looks like they are 37.

    If they are heavy drinkers or using drugs especially meth then they can forget youthful looks.

  • Gawd!

    What a mess this dude has made. I suppose it would be too much to ask them to just all go away?

  • kalifa.williams@yahoo.co.uk

    any woman who says “size doesn’t matter” is LYING because it does! no woman (or gay man) who enjoys a good beat-out sex-session would put up with a man who has less than 6 inches.

    women say size doesnt matter because they are just trying to be polite.

    why do you think white women love black men?…..Huge Wood!!!!!!!!

    The wood must be huge and somewhat intimidating…..it must make you feel like a little girl…..

    Hell no to small peens

  • Ms.Victor Rasuk

    Mock Rockstar…best comment hands down lol

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping it Real Since: 1983...61 Days

    Wow!! LOL!!!

  • gemini62065

    Both of these women need to go sit down…what are we in high school now? His size didn’t matter when they were spending money…so what is the issue now…and as for Kate, are you serious…eight kids later…how stupid do you look?

  • Princess Bella Fron Somoa

    His little wee wee gave that bish 8 kids.

  • Not that Michael

    I can’t stand this fool, but still you don’t talk smack in public about your kids’ parent. Ever.

  • What the....

    Why do people always come out after a failed relationship and bash their ex. Whoever you chose to be with, says more about you then it does about them.

  • BossipIsNuts

    I thought my six inches is small, but 3 inches??? what tha F? dats real smalllllllllll!!!!!!!!

  • Kimmie - Southern Belle

    These broads are so tacky. Whatever he was doing in bed was good enough when he was with them. . . . Bitter Broads . . . .

  • dayg715

    funny how women always diss a man’s anatomy after they get dumped, but have no problem with it while they’re together.

  • Alrighty Then... (Barbara Jordan)


    “funny how women always diss a man’s anatomy after they get dumped, but have no problem with it while they’re together”
    I agree 100%. She was with short man and even married him, so why discuss all of that now? Petty broad… smh…

  • b'more

    those b.i.t.c.h.e.s. need to check a mirror before they try to clown on somebody.

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