Exonerated Raymond Santana Says He's Innocent In Deelishis Divorce

Exonerated Exes: Raymond Santana Says Deelishis ‘Didn’t Deserve Him’ Amid Reality Star Hinting That Their Split Is Final

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Raymond Santana of the Exonerated Five is opening up about his divorce from Deelishis, the woman he claims “never loved” nor “deserved him.”

Deelishis x Raymond Santana

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As previously reported the two wed in June 2020 and although the two appeared to be quite happy in their many PD-filled Instagram posts, Santana shocked followers when he filed for divorce in March of this year while things then got messy on Instagram.

Deelishis accused Raymond of being a narcissist who was unfaithful to her throughout the marriage but Santana on the other hand was a bit more elusive when it came to his reasons for leaving. He only confirmed that the divorce was his decision and suggested that his marriage to Deelishis began to overshadow his reputation and contributions.

 Now that the dust has settled around the two, Raymond is ready to tell his side and his side includes accusations that the Flavor Of Love star “never loved him.”

Raymond Santana Speaks On Deelishis Divorce

 “GUESS IM READY TO TELL MY STORY NOW…..,” the activist captioned an IG post this week with hashtags that included “#newchapter” and “#newbeginnings.” 

“I was a great HUSBAND and FATHER to kids who weren’t mines.. I gave my heart to some one who didn’t deserve me let alone love me… I know what I bring to the table..I have a whole lot of LOVE to give.. and im here for it.. for those running there mouths.. remember Im the one who petitioned for the divorce.. not her.”

Raymond didn’t stop there, however, he posted a clip from a conversation with VH1’s Black Ink star Ceasar (who was recently in hot water for being caught abusing his dog) questioning the cultural influence and impact that people who have called him out have had on a large scale.

“I fight against a system that is trying to lock our children up..they rather have them occupy a prison cell then a college dorm..

•I travel across the country speaking at universities,high schools and prisons about my experience and being one of the Exonerated 5

•I help push legislation that will help protect our children

•I help to inspire a whole generation

And ya try to reduce me to just being married to a reality star

I’m bigger then that.. don’t try to change my narrative.. my purpose is bigger then that and I’m constantly working to help create change. Ya gonna respect my Assignment..” 

There’s no further word on how Santana plans to “tell his side” but it appears that the activist and public figure has some things he wants to get off of his chest in hopes of being exonerated in the court of public opinion.

His posts come amid Deelishis hinting that their split has been finalized in court.

“And God said it is so… #IYKYK✌🏼,” Deelishis captioned a video alongside the hashtags; #BitterSweet #ForBothOurGood #PrayerIsPowerful #NewChapter #BigD #NoMoreTears #SingleAndHappy #MoveOn #AtPeace”

Are YOU surprised that these two broke up?


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