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A Married At First Sight wife is making a candid admission about her upbringing and BOSSIP’s giving you an exclusive look.

During tonight’s episode of #MAFS airing at 8/7 c on Lifetime, viewers will see Justin and Alexis discussing vulnerability after hitting the four-week marriage mark.

Justin And Alexis

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On the last episode, the two argued in front of the other couples during an extremely tense group dinner. While the other #MAFS pairings shared their individual thoughts about being married, Alexis said she didn’t want to answer the question—lest she say something to criticize Justin.

“I don’t wanna talk in this moment, I wanna listen,” said Alexis. “Sometimes it’s better to listen and I’m trying to be respectful of my husband’s sensitivity,” she added in a confessional. “I’d rather not saying anything rather than say I don’t think my husband’s making progress.”

When Justin pressed her to share her feelings, a big blowup ensued and tears flowed.

Now the two are trying to work past their issues while discussing vulnerability with a #MAFS expert.


“Married At First Sight” Season 15 Exclusive Clip

In an exclusive clip, we see Justin and Alexis meeting up with Dr. Pepper who’s there to advise them on managing their emotions.

Since they want to work on strengthening their bond, Dr. Pepper asks them about what could hold them back from choosing to stay married past Decision Day and Alexis opens up about her upbringing.


“Sensitivity is equated to vulnerability to me and that’s not a place I like to dwell,” says Alexis. “[With] my family I’ve grown up with strong Black women and there’s just some things where you don’t let people see you sweat,” she adds while noting that she knows that’s unhealthy.

Married At First Sight: #MAFS

Source: Married At First Sight / Kinetic Content

I’m trying to be more vulnerable but I’ve never seen my mom cry in my life so it’s just really what I saw growing up. And for me, it’s just like I had no choice but to be a strong woman and a part of being strong was not being sensitive, it was not being vulnerable,” says Alexis who admits that she sometimes doesn’t want to show all her cards.

She continues,

Vulnerability to me is danger, if I show you everything it gives you power over me, you can play me how you wanna play me and that terrifies me.”

Luckily for her [and especially Justin], Dr. Pepper encourages her to open up.

“Letting somebody experience the places you’re imperfect in, it shouldn’t scare you,” says Dr. Pepper. “That should be something you’re strong enough to embrace.”

Married At First Sight: #MAFS

Source: Married At First Sight / Kinetic Content

Take an exclusive look below.


It’s clear that despite both Justin and Alexis saying that they love each other, there’s still work to do.

Do YOU think these two will say “yes” to staying married?


A new episode of Married at First Sight airs TONIGHT Wednesday, September 14, at 8/7 c on Lifetime!


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