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Rise up (for Rotimi)!

We’re still deeply befuddled by the Atlanta Falcons organization skipping over SEVERAL hometown Hip-Hop legends to hire New Jersey-native Rotimi for a season-opening ‘Rise Up’ anthem that immediately went viral for all the wrong reasons.

WHY and HOW this happened, we’re still not quite sure, but the actor/singer was the target of endless slander from fans who couldn’t believe the Atlanta-based franchise teamed up with a transplant over the city’s legendary collection of stars including Lil Baby, Jermaine Dupri, Ludacris, Jeezy, and countless others.

Naturally, Rotimi addressed the backlash during a recent appearance on Audacity V-103’s Big Tigger Morning Show based in Atlanta.

“Hashtag, they called me. Someone from the Falcons organization came to a show that I was performing at, and so they saw whatever, and they reached out to my team,’ he explained.

They were like, ‘yo, we would love Rotimi to do the anthem. We’d love him to do all the promo stuff for the Falcons this season.’ So of course, we’re like, ‘yeah, that’s hard, let’s do it.’ For a number of reasons. For one, not every day a billion dollar company is calling you to do something.

Secondly, I actually live here. I’ve been living here for the last four years straight. I’ve got two homes here, my son was born here. I’ve been around the Falcons chilling for years. It was always my second home.

Thirdly, I love the city genuinely…I’m like, ‘hell yeah, let’s do it!’…We got compensated for our work, so for me, it was definitely a great thing…I don’t really get touched by that stuff. I was surprised…They chose me to do it, and I’m honored…I didn’t go out of my way to make a song, no. It was more that they reached out…I thank God to be chosen for something like that.”

This comes after several Atlanta artists spoke out with T.I. doing the most, as usual.

“Yoooo @atlantafalcons Dis what it’s posed to hit like…Y’all need some help hit us,” captioned the Bankhead-bred rapper under the photo of himself alongside Ludaris and Jeezy.

And that was only the beginning.

“Atlanta Falcons… listen, who in the f*ck did you call, bro?” asked T.I. in a separate post. “I ain’t got no problem with Rotimi. Rotimi is a good cat, man. I f*ck with Rotimi. He a brother, he’s an ally. He’s a brother and we f*ck with him.

“We have so much culture, so much talent in the city, man. So many hardcore, die-hard Falcon fans that happen to be A-list talent in the city.”

“I know Quavo would’ve did it. I know 2 Chainz would’ve did it. I know Killer Mike would’ve did it. I mean, I would’ve did it. I know Jeezy would’ve did it. Bruh, WHO. APPROVED. THAT?? Who’s sitting in these meetings??”

A good sport, Rotimi posted a lighthearted video of himself reacting to the Falcons blowing it against their rival New Orleans Saints knowing he’d be blamed.

Up to this point, the Falcons have ignored the outrage despite Rotimi’s now infamous ‘Rise Up’ video garnering more critical quote tweets than likes from fans.

What are your thoughts on the Falcons calling a New Jersey native for the team anthem? Tell us down below and peep some of the Twitter hysteria on the flip.

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