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Shaun King, Senior Justice Writer for the New York Daily News, speaks at Penn State Berks as part of their Arts and Lecture Series Wednesday evening November 15, 2017. King is a prominent voice in the Black Lives Matter movement. Photo by Ben Hasty

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Shaun King is a…polarizing figure to say the very least. Despite his forward-facing efforts to free Black and marginalized from the oppression of white supremacy, there are scores of sordid details about his business practices that have been shouted from social media mountain tops for years now. Today, another entry is added to the library of claims against him.

The Daily Beast has been investigating King, his nonprofit called Grassroots Law Project (GLP), and his myriad of political action committees (PAC) since 2020 after a great number of people had come forward publicly accusing the activist of being a world-class grifter. That year, GLP produced some financial records at Daily Beast’s request and it showed that $6.67 million had been taken in by the organization in year one. Since that time, there are a series of organizations that were created and never truly brought to fruition. For example, the “Truth, Justice, and Reconciliation Commissions” were housed by the Attorneys General for three city’s San Francisco, Philadelphia, and Boston but when asked about their progress, well…

The Boston district attorney’s office told The Daily Beast that its commission “unfortunately, did not get off the ground,” while the San Francisco D.A.’s office said its committee had yet to hold a single meeting.

Philly DA and King cohort Larry Krasner did not respond to TDB’s question. Go figure. King’s income also came into question as the 2020 tax info showed his salary as $104,167 in year one but has quickly bloomed into $250,000. GLP reps say that number is still less than other organizations, essentially, “nothing to see here!”

The real messy stuff happens when reporters started to dig into the many PACs that Shaun King has created. Without getting into the weeds, the organizational structure of financial disbursement makes it difficult to account for where the money goes, to whom, and for what service. Go figure.

Oh, also, he bought a $40,000 dog for security last year with funds from his political action committee.

We highly suggest you read The Daily Beast report in full to get a deeper understanding of why Shaun King’s integrity is in question.


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