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The audacity of these soup cookies never ceases to amaze us but sometimes that audacity is met with consequences and we’re glad that today is one of those days.

Amy Cooper is the “Central Park Karen” who called the police on bird watcher Christian Cooper because she was afraid of a big, Black, man speaking to her. Fortunately, the brotha recorded the whole incident on his cell phone and he was able to walk away from the situation with his life and limbs still intact and Amy Cooper was widely excoriated on the internet and beyond. She lost her job and God knows how many friends she lost who were probably disgusted at her blatant racism. She couldn’t sue the friends but she definitely sued her former employer, famed investment firm Franklin Templeton, for, wait for it…racial discrimination. Let Amy tell it, her whiteness got her fired and a Black woman wouldn’t have been allowed to keep her job. She’s too dense to realize that a Black woman, save Stacey Dash, most likely wouldn’t have threatened police violence against Christian Cooper.

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According to Jezebel, Amy Cooper’s lawsuit against Franklin Templeton was dismissed this week as she failed to make a compelling case for her claims of race and gender discrimination, defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and negligence.

District Judge Ronnie Abrams made it plain:

“Defendants’ repeated condemnations of racism, moreover, did not ‘implicate [Plaintiff’s] race’ because—as the Second Circuit has squarely held— ‘‘[r]acism’ is not a race, and discrimination on the basis of alleged racism is not the same as discrimination on the basis of race,’” Abrams wrote.

This broad should go ask Brett Favre for some of that stolen money he siphoned out of the welfare coffers in Mississippi. Worst-case scenario, he could put her in touch with the sticky-fingered governor to help her out.


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