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We want justice for Breonna Taylor and we are happy to see the people closest to her continuing to fight for it.

Red Table Talk featuring the family of Breonna Taylor

Source: Jordan Fisher / Red Table Talk

‘Red Table Talk’ Welcomes Tamika and Ju’Niyah Palmer And Kenny Walker

In their first joint interview, Breonna Taylor’s family, her mother Tamika Palmer, sister Ju’Niyah Palmer and her boyfriend Kenny Walker – who was there with Breonna that tragic night – join “Red Table Talk.”

For this ‘Red Table Talk’ special, Taylor’s boyfriend, who was the only witness to Breonna Taylor’s death at the hands of police reveals what really happened that tragic night. Her boyfriend Kenny Walker gives his minute-by-minute account using body camera footage obtained from the police. Breonna’s mother and sister join for their exclusive, first interview together since four officers were federally charged in her death. The pair share shocking details about their devastating loss and the cover-up that followed.

Social justice warrior Tamika D. Mallory and brilliant legal minds Benjamin Crump, CNN’s Laura Coates and Lonita Baker explain what’s next. It’s an important, raw, gripping conversation everyone must see.

Check out an exclusive clip below, where Benjamin Crump discusses how the killing of Black women by police is so often swept under the rug. He notes that Breonna Taylor’s death will be the first time in history that federal charges are being brought against police officers for the killing of a Black woman in America. He also notes that the no-knock warrant that lead to the officers raiding Taylor’s home was all based on a lie.

We don’t talk about it enough — how Black women have been abused and mistreated by our justice system. That said — no one of any race or gender should be mistreated by law enforcement. Our lives matter.

We applaud ‘Red Table Talk’ for tackling this important issue.

The episode will stream Wednesday, October 12 at 9am PT/12pm ET on Facebook Watch.


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