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A Long Island boutique owner is behind bars after over $40M in counterfeit goods was discovered inside including Dior, Louis Vuitton & more.

Rows of Counterfeit Fake Poor quality Handbags such as Chanel & Louis Vuitton being sold at backstreet markets to unknowing tourists. Good copies that fool the buyer but often fall apart very quickly due to cheap and inexpensive quality

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In the modern age of Instagram and living your life to share and impress others luxury items are the easiest way to obtain attention on social media. From rented cars, rented jewelry, fake jewelry, rented clothes, fake clothes and AirBnB’s some people spend all their money to try and keep up an aesthetic for social media. The lengths people will go to have caused opportunists to open up lucrative businesses in an effort to make money from those faking the lifestyle. One route is renting luxury clothing but the greedy route is directly selling counterfeit luxury items. For one Long Island boutique owner, the greed to obtain money from those faking to fit in has landed her in jail.

Long Island Boutique Owner Charged After $40M In Counterfeit Dior, Louis Vuitton & More Discovered Inside Shop

31-year-old store owner Lindsay Castelli was arrested after police say they found thousands of fake designer goods in her shop that was selling them around the county. Linny’s Boutique reportedly had an estimated $40M worth of these fake goods that included Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Dior. Police revealed this was the result of an 18-month investigation that uncovered the scheme where the shop put luxury logos on $10 sweatshirts. The police discovered over 22 heat pressing machines and labels of designers in the basement of the store. Ultimately the store was allegedly duping customers across the country by passing the goods as authentic. Castelli will now have a serious legal battle on her hand as she’s charged with trademark counterfeiting, and not just any kind of counterfeiting it’s all of the top luxury brands in the world she allegedly counterfeited.




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