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Dusty, contrarian, conservative grifter Candace Owens has disgracefully dedicated herself to further tormenting the family of George Floyd on behalf of her bootlickin’ buddy Kanye West.

According to Mediaite, Owens recently ranted on her podcast about the family’s lawsuit against West for claiming that drugs, specifically fentanyl, is what killed George Floyd, not Derek Chauvin’s knee in his neck for over 9 minutes. KKKandace loves her some Kanye so much that she says she is willing to sue the Floyd family for the “emotional distress” they caused her for suing her sunken place sidekick.

“I have grounds to sue George Floyd’s family for doing this little PR stunt. It’s causing me a ton of distress. I feel angry and I feel upset with the fact that I am fighting for Black America to be freed from the lies while these people are fighting to keep them in the dark!” she continued.

Wonder what type of outfits Candace makes her husband wear while he watches her and Kanye f-…further their deep bond.

She then goes on to conspiracy theorize that the media, Black Lives Matter, and the Floyd family have colluded to “bury the evidence” that would “prove” that Floyd deserved to die because he was a raging drug addict.


Hell is WAY too good of a place for this bogus broad.


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