Marlon Wayans Helps Bryce Hall Overcome Fear Of Ghosts

‘Oh Hell No… With Marlon Wayans’ Exclusive: Can Marlon Help His Buddy Bryce Hall Overcome His Fear Of Ghosts?

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Marlon Wayans’ “Oh Hell No!” picked a perfect episode for Halloween week!

Oh Hell No with Marlon Wayans

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Marlon Wayans Helps Bryce Hall Face His Paranormal Fear

This week Marlon is going to be helping a friend who is scared to death of ghosts. Can’t say that we blame him!

We’re super excited to be debuting an exclusive clip ahead of the second episode of Meta’s new original series “Oh Hell No… with Marlon Wayans” with guest Bryce Hall, who attempts to conquer his fear of ghosts and the paranormal in a virtual haunted house setting. We’re eager to see how Bryce responds because some of Marlon’s immersive experiences have his friends screaming, crying, jumping, …and of course, saying “Oh Hell No!”

Check out the clip below:

Trapped inside a virtual haunted house, can Bryce Hall overcome his fear of the paranormal?

With tensions this high, will he make it out alive? Better question, will YOU? The cool thing about Marlon’s show is that it’s very interactive. If you are into virtual reality, you can put yourself to the same test Bryce takes on the episode. Take the challenge yourself using your Meta Quest headset.

Catch your favorite celebs on “Oh Hell No” with Marlon Wayans every Wednesday on Facebook and Instagram.



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