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Guy Marchand In Blackface

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Welp, it’s that time of year again. While most people are dressing up and going to Halloween parties to have fun, we’re sitting here waiting to see which ignorant, tone-deaf, non-room-reading white person will don Blackface for clout points and feel the 280-character backlash.

This train is never late and the tradition of mocking Black skin is something that a great many elite whites have practiced over the years. The list is long but we took the liberty to point of some of the “standouts” if you will.


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Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel had a longstanding sketch where he performed as ex-NBA baller Karl Malone.

Apparently, people like *peers through spectacles* @clockdiesel think this type of thing is pure comedy…

NBC's 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Red Carpet

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Speaking of Jimmy, the other Jimmy, Fallon, was also a big fan of painting his face to mock melanated skin. He once performed a Chris Rock impression on Regis Philbin’s show in full Blackface complete with racist jokes. Jamie Foxx ain’t trippin’ tho. #NeverForget


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But its not just actors and comedians who have enjoyed the white privilege of consequence-free Black skin, Canada’s gun-banning Prime Minister Justin Trudeau once painted his skin to appear ethnic while wearing an “Arabian Nights” “costume” at the big age of 29-years-old. Hard to believe he didn’t know better…

Again, certain people see this as hilarious. We’re not laughing…


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We also have wince-worthy woke white Joh Behar from The View who outed herself as a proud Blackface participant saying, “It was a Halloween party. I went as a beautiful African woman,” she told her cohosts. “That’s my hair… I had makeup that was a little bit darker than my skin.”

We’d be remiss if we left someone as A-list as Howard Stern off the list. He was outed during an ironic case of white-on-white crime AND the pot calling the kettle black at the same damn time!

Cool, Donnie Jr., now do yourself, we have no doubt whatsoever that there are photos of you somewhere in blackface or using the n-word to degrade Black people. It’s practically part of your DNA.

provisional ballots

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In lesser known political circles, Florida Secretary of State Michael Ertel resign from office back in 2019 after he was outed for dressing up like a “Hurricane Katrina victim” in Blackface. Which is doubly interesting because it is an acknowledgement that the Hurricane affected Black people the most as did the subsequent lack of aid and resources.

2022 WWD Honors

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Multi-hyphenate do-nothing socialite jawn Gigi Hadid took heavy fire after appearing on the cover of VOGUE Italia looking…not like this above photo in the slightest…

Stop it, 5.

Bringing up the rear is Alabama Governor and devout MAGA Kay Ivey.

HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL: DEC 04 Alabama High School 7A State Championship - Thompson at Central-Phenix City

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Back in the 60s when Ivey was in college, she admittedly wore blackface to act in a skit. According to INSIDER: “I fully acknowledge — with genuine remorse — my participation in a skit like that back when I was a senior in college,” she said.

Sure, Jan.

The list goes on and on and on and we suspect that by the end of this spooky day, there will be more names to add to list.

Happy Halloween.


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