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Dave Chappelle hosted Saturday Night Live for the third time and tackled anti-semitism, Kanye West, Kyrie Irving, politics, and more.

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Last night Dave Chappelle returned for his third hosting gig on Saturday Night Live after a very important election week. Aside from political drama making waves in the news cycle, rumors that SNL writers were boycotting his appearance also caused headlines.

Many assumed that the controversy would fuel Chappelle and lead to an all-time performance from the comedian, and many were right.

Dave Chappelle’s SNL Monologue Targets Kanye West, Antisemitism, And Midterms

When Dave hit the stage for his 15-minute monologue, he kicked off things by reading a disclaimer stating that he isn’t antisemitic.

He then moved on to talk about Kanye West’s recent drama and how no matter who you see running things in Hollywood you never point it out.

“Before I start tonight, I wanted to read a brief statement that I prepared: ‘I renounce antisemitism in all its forms, and stand with my friends in the Jewish community.’ And that, Kanye, is how you buy yourself some time.”

Of course, he had to talk about the midterm elections and he fried Herschel Walker.

Lastly, no political stand-up would be complete without roasting Donald Trump and how he’s “the most honest liar ever.”

Chappelle ended his monologue with this line;

“I thank you for your support and I hope they don’t take anything away from me — whoever they are.”



Dave Chappelle Brings Back Iconic ‘Chappelle Show’ Characters In SNL Sketches

Dave Chappelle returned to his multiple-character bag for his SNL sketches and the sky was the limit for the comedian.

SNL’s Potato Hole sketch featured Chappelle playing a legendary blues musician, Willie T. Hawkins who sings about his potato hole. It’s all fun and cute until Hawkins reveals the truth of potato holes’ slave origins and how they’re a symbol of oppression.


Perhaps the biggest surprise was Donnell Rawlings and Ice-T reprising their characters from The Chappelle Show’s “The Playa Haters’ Ball.”

The two did so in SNL’s House of The Dragon sketch that featured them alongside a Rick James-playing Chappelle.

Need we say more?


The next SNL skit was Barber Shop Talk and it’s exactly what you think it is.

Black barbershop dialogue and the topics are Kanye West, Stacey Abrams, Covid-19, and more. Phillip (Michael Longfellow) is the lone white barber praying he doesn’t offend anyone.


Dave Chappelle also appeared briefly in the Heaven Scene SNL skit to reveal that he’s too old to be in it and needs a break.


Did YOU watch Dave Chappelle on SNL? What do YOU think about his monologue/sketches?


It was definitely one of the better episodes.


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