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BIG SPOILERS! If you haven’t seen Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, turn back now!

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


Black Panther fans have been mourning the loss of Chadwick Boseman for two years now, but that doesn’t make his absence any easier. With that in mind, many of us already knew how emotional the film’s sequel, Wakanda Forever, would be, but we definitely didn’t expect all the heartbreak we’d experience throughout the movie.

One of the most emotional sequences in the film is when Angela Bassett’s character, Queen Ramonda, drowns during Namor’s attack on Wakanda. Her unexpected and heart-wrenching death sets Shuri on a path of revenge against him in the third act, now not only mourning the loss of her brother, but her mother, too.

Queen Ramonda’s death is probably the biggest twist in Wakanda Forever, and it’s actually one that Bassett initially objected to when she first learned of her character’s tragic fate. While speaking to IndieWire, she said that director Ryan Coogler had to calm her concerns over killing off Ramonda.

“I objected,” Bassett admitted. “Yeah, I was like, ‘Ryan, what are you doing? Why? You will rue the day! You will rue the demise of [Ramonda]. People are gonna be so upset.’ He was like, ‘Angela, I know, I know, but look, to die is not really to die in this world. It doesn’t really have to mean that.’”

With this, Coogler is referring to the many ways dead Marvel characters have returned to the screen, including the Ancestral Plane in the Black Panther movies. In Wakanda Forever, it’s in the Ancestral Plane where Michael B. Jordan’s dead character Killmonger makes a surprise cameo. Even  Queen Ramonda is seen again after her death when she calls to Shuri from the Ancestral Plane, proving death doesn’t mean disappearance in the MCU.

“All kinds of crazy things happen,” Bassett said.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is playing in theaters now.


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