The Fugees Moving Closer To Reuniting For The Haiti Victims

- By Bossip Staff

Talks of the Fugees reuniting for Haiti victims have been circulating around, but a close source tells BOSSIP it is highly possible for it to really happen..

Pop the top for the details..

According to a close friend of Pras, who was in NYC for a charity event last night, the Fugees have been in talks of reuniting to help the Haiti earthquake victims.  Both Wyclef and Pras have ties to Haiti and have confirmed they would do a reunion. The only slow comer to confirm is Lauryn. Hopefully she will jump on the bandwagon like Pras who said:

“That’s the only reason I would think about doing anything on that level.”

Our source says it looks pretty much like a go from everyone, but no official confirmation has been made yet.

How many of you would still want to see the Fugees hit the stage? More importantly is the cause that would bring them all together again.

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  • Toni

    Can’t wait for Lauren Hill to come back out. I want to hear what she got cooking!

  • Mrs. Rance

    I pray so. This is a cause that Miss Lauren can stand behind. She’s obviously dead serious about not being about that Hollywierd bullsh*t.

  • Aunt Viv

    Lauren is touched, I’m not convinced this can be pulled off.

  • cruzan trini

    I can’t wait for Lauren to come back to. I miss her music from back in the Fugee days!

  • berryjuice


  • Tam Tam

    LAURYN WE MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ibramblebush

    I’d pay to see Lauren in her “Where is my Yeh” get up.

  • ohnooooo

    It Lauren is on her meds, it’s a go

  • always knew

    I would definitely support Lauryn and the Fugees, come back! love and miss u lauryn..

    @ms.hill- love Talib Kweli’s “Miss Hill”..

  • cubevision

    make another album pleaseeeee

  • Kevin

    Lauren hopefully is rejuvenated from her burnout and cynicism about the industry, and the fact that in the beginning Wyclef passed himself off to her as Jamaican–that more than anything else set her off re Wyclef (and any reunion).

    She knows Wyclef better than most, good dude who unfortunately started off with her on a bogus premise (he might have even gotten some cuz she thought he was Jamaican, she’s from Jersey!)

    But it’s a problem whose time has past !!

    Come back Lauren, let bygones be bygones.


  • afrodite

    f**k that. artists struggle. even if they become as “normal looking” as other celebs, it doesn’t mean they aren’t abusing drugs like these “normal” celebs are. that’s their personal journey and we’ll never know if they are “right.” i love good music and that’s what their group produces. they need to get back together and always remind us black americans of the many cultures that add to us and identify with us

  • jusbecuzt

    Until Wyclef and Lauryn sddress the elephant in the room, they will never be successful at any type of reunion. Wyclef and Lauryn have to sit down and discuss their feelings for each other and all the pain and hurt they have caused. I strongly believe that the flame has never been properly extinguished; therefore it surfaces as hurt and anger. They tried this once before and it did not work. They can not simply act like nothing ever happened between them. STOP IGNORING THE REAL CAUSE OF THE BREAKUP PEOPLE! until this is addressed forget about any reunion.

  • jusbecuzt

    that should be “address”.


    If the chemistry isn’t there, don’t foolishly bring about a taint to the brand. Spare us the disappointment and leave us with the memories.

  • Mock Rock Star

    I hope this works out because that re-make of “We Are The World” was shameful…they should have just donated instead of remaking that song.

    Why are U all talking bad about Lauryn Hill, she’s a great rapper, but she just actually read and believed what the bible said and it drove her off the deep end. U all must didn’t listen to her unplugged album because it was all biblical which I thought U god loving people would appreciate. Lauryn Hill is just further proof that if U believe in god and the bible (and actually read it word for word) it makes U irrational and a bit crazed.

  • asmor


  • fgfgfa

    lauren hill is haitian anyways ; she just didnt want to admit it .


    I want to Lauryn Hill period. Wyclef is good at beats & producing but Lauryn was the best lyricist hands down. Pras was just the hype man & good at ad libs.

  • juicyjessica

    Lauren gone have to put down that crack pipe before any “REUNION” can take place…

  • popindem

    hope the fugees end up reuniting-love that band!- i found this new pres project AXIXS- you guys gotta check it out!!–

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