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The mother of a Real Housewife of Potomac is defending her daughter after a messy Miami splash clash and she’s not holding back. “To hell with them!” wrote the protective matriarch about the two people she’s blaming for the dustup.

Mia Vs Wendy : Real Housewives of Potomac

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The Internet is still buzzing over Mia Thornton tossing a drink at Dr. Wendy Osefo and now Wendy’s mother Ms. Iyom Susan Okuzu is weighing in.

Okuzu took to Instagram this week to call Mia out for assaulting her daughter while hurling insults her way. She also blasted Peter Thomas who stirred the pot between Mia and Wendy by airing out his issues with Wendy to her castmate.

Peter Thomas

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“Well, well, well! Ugly inside and out,” Okuzu captioned a picture of a makeup-free Mia on Instagram. “CRATER face Mia!! A bombastic, ignorant, nonsensical, baseless, wanna be CEO toruble maker! You’ve bitten more than you can chew! Oh yes, Mia you assulated my baby Dr Wendy #RHOP.”

She then wrote several things in her native Igbo language and added,

“Remember he/she who fights and run away lives to fight another day. To hell with Mia and Peter! Oh yessss I say HOLY GHOST FIRE be on Mia and Peter and Thunderous amen.”

Surprisingly, Mia then hopped into Ozuku’s comments section to respond.


#RHOP Reunion

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While claiming that she too is of Nigerian heritage, Mia told Wendy’s mom to “repent” and warned her about making threats…

“Nigeria, Yes I can wave the flag because it’s in my DNA,” wrote Mia. “MAMA ‘”na wahala you” but sis too busy trying to defend she never once took the time to find out we from the same land. So take your thunderous self on to the holy ghost fire and repent. P.S.–My family KNOWS your family. So Tic Tok Mama, WE don’t receive threats kindly.”

but the mom of the Johns Hopkins professor wouldn’t back down.

“Apparently you do know understand the definition of a threat!” wrote Okuzu. “Uneducated classless crater face! You should be worried about physically assaulting my daughter and issue a genuine apology!

As I mentioned in my earlier post; the presecution is watching. You should shut up and genuiniely apologize. You have a mouth you should use it and NOT physically attack my daughter! FREE SPEECH Mia! Who do you think you are assaulting my daughter? Your action was seen all over the world!! Holy Ghost fire on you and Peter!”




“Rubbish! You a disgrace to whatever you stand for. I worked soooo…hard to raise my children, and when anyone brings harm to them; you have me to contend with! You can wave Nigerian flag all you want; You are NOT a Nigerian and you do NOT represent us!” she added.


Okuzu then continued her rant while blasting Mia’s decorum and questioning her parenting. She also questioned Mia’s intelligence by dubbing her an “Olodo.”

“With your stupidity, public disgrace, lack of home training, etc. I wonder what you teach your children,” continued Okuzu. “You pride yourself on being a wayward woman; what shame1 CEO my foot! Make Thunder fire you, Peter, and whatever you stand for! If my daughter mouth off on you, mouth off back. No physical attack! Don’t mess with my daughter. She has come a long way to be what she is today—classy, highly educated, gorgeous, even without makeup), YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE MEANING OF a threat! please use your dictionary! Olodo!”

There’s lots more to unpack like Ms. Okuzu mocking Mia for thinking that she’s “Mia Mayweather” before unceremoniously deleting her post.

You can swipe to see a full recap of Dr. Wendy Osefo’s mom VS. Mia Thornton below.

As you can imagine, social media is eating up the messy moment that will surely be brought up during the #RHOP season 7 reunion.

What do YOU think about Dr. Wendy Osefo’s mother getting in on all the #RHOP drama?


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