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A highly anticipated (and highly messy) moment aired on The Real Housewives of Potomac and the Internet’s picking sides over what went down. Unfortunately for two emerald-eyed bandits, some fans think they showcased hypocritical and possibly colorist behavior in the aftermath.


As previously reported Sunday’s episode of #RHOP showed the continuation of the cast trip to Miami that spiraled out of control. While dining at Peter Thomas‘ Bar One restaurant Mia Thornton was seen tossing the contents of her martini glass in Dr. Wendy Osefo’s direction.

The Real Housewives Of Potomac: Mia Vs Wendy

Source: Bravo / Bravo

Why? Well because Mia was told by Peter, whom she considers to be family, that he “had beef” with Wendy.


Mia took it upon herself to tell Wendy about the “beef” in front of the group and took issue with the Johns Hopkins professor not “checking in with Peter” when they arrived in Miami.


“I don’t have beef with men,” said Wendy.

“Don’t start it,” replied Mia. “That’s my f****g family.”

“If he has beef he can contact my husband,” said Wendy referring to Eddie Osefo.

“You would think that you would let him [Peter Thomas] you know that you were coming,” said Mia. “He’s opening up his opportunity for you to learn, study and be a mentee.”

“The only man I let know I’m coming into town is my husband,” said Wendy doubling down. “Sweetie, maybe you talk to other men like that. 
“Maybe that’s how you and your husband play, me and my husband don’t play like that, period!” said Wendy. “You’re telling me to call some guy while I’m in town, I’m not in town for business.”

They then traded shade about credentials with Mia discussing being a boss in the boardroom as a Black CEO and Wendy retorting with her credentials as a professor. Shortly thereafter the drink was thrown and Mia demanded that Wendy stand to her feet before she was escorted away by security.

Robyn Dixon was also seen calling Wendy “antagonistic” while filming what was going down like she was a camera person for TMZ. “Do you wanna fight? Then fight,” said Robyn while Wendy continued to argue with Mia.

“You and your husband can go f*** other women and men,” said Wendy to Mia before firing off more shade and at one point asking her if she was “f***g Peter Thomas.”

“You so corny, crater-faced b***!” concluded Wendy while security intervened again.

When Mia returned to the table Robyn was fresh off telling Wendy that she was antagonizing Mia because “she kept talking” [DEEP SIGH] and a calmer Mia somehow spun things on Karen and accused her of defending Wendy.

Gizelle Bryant followed suit and said Karen was “humping the fence.” In the midst of things, Wendy stood up and told Mia that she “let her slide with the motherf***g drink” but warned Mia about putting her hands in her face.

Mia called Wendy “ghetto” and got set off again when Wendy ordered her to shut up while questioning her CEO status.

“Talking about your a CEO and you throw a drink on another woman. What kinda raggedy bi***does that?” asked Wendy.  You’re a CEO and a boss and you throw a drink on another woman. You embarrassed yourself, you embarrassed your whole business.”

An irate Mia then apparently broke several of her fingernails while trying to get to Wendy and she was semi-successful as she popped Wendy with her purse.

“Look at the CEO!” said Wendy while security held her back. “Such a boss!”


The ridiculousness only continued from there with Mia retreating to the car to cry while detailing what went down to her husband. Soon thereafter her good girlfriends Robyn and Gizelle joined her and things continued from there.

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Robyn Dixon And Gizelle Bryant Blasted For Siding With Mia Thornton In Wendy Osefo Fight

In the aftermath of the big blowup, the Green-Eyed Bandits made it clear whose side they were on and some fans are none too pleased.

Reasonably Shady Live

Source: Brian Stukes / Getty

During the episode, an emotional Mia was seen calling her husband Gordon to tell him what went down.

“Hey babe, can you find a flight?” said Mia during the call. “I’m gonna go back to the house and get my stuff. I’m done, I’m literally going ham.”

The Green-Eyed Bandits [Robyn and Gizelle] then showed up to comfort her.

“She was baiting you you did exactly what she wanted you to do,” said Robyn while Gizelle agreed.

As you can imagine, the Bandits are being BLASTED by #RHOP fans who are accusing them of colorism [again] and of bullying [again].


Moreover, they’re agreeing with a clip showing Wendy calling Gizelle a hypocrite for supporting Mia’s violent behavior but previously saying she felt “unsafe” around former housewife Monique Samuels.


Monique Samuels

Source: SOPHY HOLLAND / Bravo


“I’m not gonna hear Mia empathizers or somebody who is okay with violence now,” said Wendy before calling Gizelle a hypocrite. “But when Monique did it to Candiace she was against violence.”

As previously reported after Monique got into that winery fight with Candiace Dillard, Gizelle said she needed security to be around Monique and chastised her for “falling into stereotypes about black women.”

“I have zero respect for you,” said Gizelle while calling Monique a liability. “I by no means want to be anywhere near you.”


Wendy’s husband has weighed in and he live-tweeted the episode…

while Wendy’s thanked fans for their support.

Karen Huger has also weighed in.

Meanwhile, Mia agreed with a fan that it wasn’t her best moment.

What do YOU think about the egregiously messy Miami moment between Mia Thornton and Wendy Osefo?



Moreover, what do YOU think about the GEBS being called hypocrites?

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