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The drama on The Real Housewives of Potomac is far from finished, and it looks like things will get taken up a notch.


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As previously reported Bravo watchers are still buzzing over Mia Thornton clashing with and tossing a drink at Wendy Osefo during the Miami cast trip. The messiness kicked off when Mia took issue with Wendy not telling Peter Thomas that she was in town.

Peter, a Thornton family friend, also told Mia that he had “beef” with Wendy because they were in talks to do a joint business venture, but Wendy went missing in action.

Now Wendy’s speaking out in a #RHOP preview clip and she’s alleging that Peter might not be as close to Mia as the housewife thinks.

Peter Thomas

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Dr. Wendy Osefo Says Peter Thomas Trashed Mia Thornton

A preview for tonight’s Nov. 27 episode first shared exclusively with Page Six shows Dr. Wendy chatting with Ashley Darby, Karen Huger, and Candiace Dillard and alleging that Peter, 62, once accused Mia 37, of exhibiting shady behavior.


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Not only that but the Johns Hopkins professor is laughing at Mia’s claims that the businessman is like a brother to her.

“Well, let’s keep it real,” Osefo says. “Peter told me that him and G [Thornton’s husband, Gordon] and Mia used to go on vacations together, but Mia did some snake s–t to Peter’s girlfriend at the time.”

The “Tears of My Mother” author then scoffs at Thornton for repeatedly calling Thomas her “brother.”

“So all this, ‘Peter’s my brother?’ Since when is Peter your brother?” she says. “Because last time I checked, Peter told me that he stopped messing with y’all.”

Ashley then weighs in and surmises that Mia might have something to hide.

And while Wendy’s speaking on Peter’s relationship with Wendy, fellow housewife Robyn Dixon is explaining her controversial reaction to the Miami melee.

Robyn Dixon Speaks On Calling Wendy “Antagonistic”

Although she wasn’t directly involved in Mia and Wendy’s fight, Robyn has been catching heat from fans for her reaction to the incident.


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In the midst of the drama, the #RHOP star was seen calling Wendy “antagonistic” while filming what was going down like she was a camera person for TMZ.

“You’re being antagonistic,” said Robyn. “Do you want to fight? Then fight. If you don’t want to fight then shh!”

She later mocked Wendy and declared her “the winner” of the fight.

In a recent interview with TODAY, Robyn defended her actions and said she was simply encouraging Wendy to consider “how much she has to lose.”

“Mia was wrong for throwing the drink,” said Robyn. “I wish she didn’t do it. But my thing with Wendy was I really wanted her to stop because I didn’t want her to do something that she would regret that jeopardized her job or her reputation.”

She continued,

“I explained to her that you have more to lose than Mia. … When I’m telling her ‘you’re being antagonistic,’ I’m telling her that because I’m saying you’re gonna make her do something that you don’t want her to do, because you don’t want to be caught up in it. So that was my whole point, and I’m upset that they didn’t really express that.”

Oh really, Robyn?

Not only did Robyn speak on her comments to Wendy, but she also scoffed at people calling her and Gizelle Bryant hypocrites for siding with Mia despite blasting Monique Samuels in season 5.

Reasonably Shady Live

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As previously reported after Monique’s winery fight with Candiace, Robyn and Gizelle criticized the then-housewife for falling into Black women stereotypes and strongly condemned her behavior.

According to Robyn however, the two situations are totally different.

“I don’t even understand the comparison,” Robyn told TODAY. “To me, it was two totally different things. … In my opinion, throwing water on someone’s face is messed up. But to equate it to Monique grabbing Candiace and punching her multiple times, I just couldn’t make the connection.”

She continued,

“It just didn’t turn into that situation. Like we weren’t like, ‘Oh my god, Mia’s horrible, or Wendy did this.’ It wasn’t one of those things where we were taking sides. It was just like, ‘okay, this has got to stop.

“With the Monique thing, the violence was not OK, but I was more upset about what happened afterward with the social media, the manipulation, the lying and all of that.”

As previously reported Monique recently weighed in and applauded Wendy for not reacting violently to Mia’s actions. Her comments caused Candiace Dillard to shade her (once again.)

Monique, Candiace

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What do YOU think about Robyn Dixon’s explanation? Did she really just have Wendy’s best interest at heart?



The Real Housewives of Potomac airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.


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