After the success and popularity of award-winning writer Octavia E. Butler’s novel Kindred, fans everywhere have been waiting to see these characters come to life.

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Source: Pari Dukovic / FX

Kindred Showrunner Branden Jacobs-Jenkins Opens Up About Adapting Octavia Butler’s Work

In Hulu’s new sci-fi series, audiences will witness time travel, puzzles to solve, American history and more.

Bossip contributor Liz Smith caught up with the cast of Kindred to chat about what fans can expect from season one.

Kindred images

Source: Pari Dukovic / FX

First Liz chatted with Kindred writer, producer and showrunner Branden Jacobs-Jenkins who spoke about the challenge of adapting the popular Octavia Butler novel.

People have been clamoring for Octavia Butler projects for some time now, can you talk about the pressure of helping carry on that legacy?

There’s a lot of pressure! I am one of the #1 fans out here and so everyday I realize if I wasn’t making this I would be one of those people clamoring. So I come with a lot of respect for that group. What’s really funny is when we began developing this project in 2016, you could not get Octavia Butler arrested in California it was wild and it’s been really profound and such an honor to watch the world and Hollywood catch up to her. I have to say I’m more excited than anyone for all the various projects in the making. Why not let this be the next iteration of her legacy. – Branden Jacobs-Jenkins

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