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Kelsey Nicole Harris Source: Bob Levey/Getty Images for “The Dirty 3rd: Next Generation” / Getty

Kelsey Harris returned to the stand for cross-examination in Tory Lanez shooting trial and continued her confusing testimony.

When Kelsey Harris took the stand Wednesday, it seemed the most shocking part of her involvement would be her requesting immunity. As her testimony got underway we learned that wouldn’t be the most surprising or confusing revelation of the day. While on the stand, Harris claimed everything was essentially a blur from the night. She went on to reveal she was also dealing with anxiety, a newborn child and mourning a death.

As far as the night of Megan Thee Stallion being shot, Harris disputed a lot of what she previously told prosecutors back in September. Harris invoked her Fifth Amendment right when asked if Tory threatened to shoot her. She also claims she didn’t see Tory Lanez fire the handgun that night. Both of those actions the prosecution mentioned because she told them in September.

Kelsey Harris Returns To The Stand For Cross-Examination, Continues Confusing Testimony

With Kelsey’s confusing and questionable performance on the stand, her cross-examination was pushed to yesterday. If you thought a night’s rest would help her second day be any better, spoiler alert it did not. According to Variety, she continued the backtracking. At the top of the questioning Deputy District Attorney Kathy Ta asked one blunt question to Harris: “What happened between September and today that you forgot everything?” referencing her September interview with Ta. Harris repeated Wednesday’s same plot point that she was dealing with a lot in her personal life and it caused her to forget a lot of what she said.

Once questioning began yesterday, Ta asked Harris questions about her granted immunity. Ta used the questions to eventually remind Harris immunity does not cover perjury. When asked if Megan was shot that night in July 2020 Harris testified she was told: “she stepped on glass.” Harris went on to proclaim she did not know who shot Meg before stating the “Body” rapper “needs to be held accountable for spreading false information.” The false information in question is Harris’s perception she’s being painted as a bad person and the friend who betrayed Megan and took hush money.

Kelsey Continues To Deny Knowledge Of Who Shot Megan

Harris once again denied the claim that she shot Megan, which was implied by Tory’s defense team. Tory’s defense argued his DNA was not found on the gun used in the shooting while Harris’ DNA was. Dr. Lee Haruno testified for the jury with X-rays of Megan’s foot showing the four bullet fragments in her feet that he performed surgery on.

Later in her cross-examination, Tory’s defense attorney asked if there was a physical fight between her and Megan. Harris responded stating: “We probably just like bumped into each other.”  After two days of confusion, Judge Herriford has now ruled the prosecution can play the full 80-minute interview with Harris from September in court.


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