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Meek Mill/ Lori Harvey

Meek Mill / Lori Harvey Source: Shareif Ziyadat x Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images for Tiffany & Co. / Getty


Meek Mill has been accused of “Twitter fingering” again after posting some terribly (and very conveniently) timed PARTYNEXTDOOR lyrics. According to him, however, it’s all just a mixup, and “family and friendship ruing sites” are up to no good.

On Friday Meek Mill woke up with PARTYNEXTDOOR’s latest single “Her Old Friends” stuck in his head and tweeted one line in particular.

“Y’all let that gal f*** anybody,” tweeted Meek alongside a slide emoji.

The full lyric reads;

“Y’all let that gal f*** anybody/She out her catching every body.”

Shortly after his tweet went up, people automatically assumed that was speaking about Lori Harvy and Damson Idris’s newly confirmed relationship considering that Meek name-dropped Lori in a song and said she was on his “wish list.”

Meek Mill Denies Tweeting About Lori Harvey & Damson Idris

Despite Meek claiming that he wasn’t dissing Lori, a follow-up tweet about “PR people connecting that together” fueled the allegations even more…

and eventually, Meek put all the speculation to rest.

According to Meek he and Damson Idris are friends and TSR and other sites are to blame for “ruining many friendships and families.”

“Damson my real friend…,” tweeted Meek. “The shade room posted and made it as I’m coming at him and his lady tf ….. these sites ruined many friendships and families ….seeing all that negativity you become that!”

While shutting down the rumors he also said that the media has been ignoring his recent positive acts but he’s “stronger than them in life and on the net.” He also alleged that several blogs are on payroll for celebs and are for narcissim only.

“Bro my real friend and shawy not in my world,” said Meek referencing Damson Idris and Lori Harvey.

The Shade Room eventually responded and provided numerous receipts and proof that of their positive coverage of Meek…

but the rapper said he wants to be removed from the site completely.

Regardless of the allegations, Meek is seemingly in good spirits because of a major legal win after a long battle. Rolling Stone reports that Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf pardoned him for drug and weapon possession charges from 15 years ago.

Not only that, but the governor sent the rapper a copy of the official pardon showing that the charges have been expunged from his record.

That’s definitely something worth celebrating despite his latest E-Tussle on Twitter.

Do YOU think Meek’s tweets were taken out of context?


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