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The curious case of Don Lemon provides for a most interesting study of the ability of a public figure to go from heel to hero and back to heel again.

In the early days of the modern movement to end police brutality and get justice for Black people who had been abused by law enforcement, Don Lemon was regularly castigated for his rancid respectability politics which provided cover for the boys in blue who violently violate their oath to serve and protect.

Whatever “good deeds” Lemon has done since the Trump administration might have been flushed right down the toilet after some wildly misogynistic comments that he made on live television recently. When discussing the presidential viability of right-wing flip-flopper Nikki Haley on CNN This Morning, Lemon said the following…

As you can tell from the reaction of his female co-hosts, Donnie’s lil’ quip did NOT go over well. The long-tenured CNN anchor took to Twitter in an attempt to clean up aisle 6 but it sounded like the type of “apology” that white folks give after they’ve said something wildly racist…

Translation with PR filter removed: “I know and love lots of women and they love me back! There’s no way I could be a misogynist.” Pretty shaky ground, Donnnie-boy.

TMZ is reporting that in addition to the tweet, Lemon jumped on a conference call with his CNN coworkers for a paltry 90 seconds to again apologize for his disheartening headassery. A source familiar with the call says Donnie-boy claimed that he “didn’t mean it” and would continue to fight for women’s equality while also mentioning his mother, his sister, and all the other women in media who he calls “friends”.


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