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Jonathan Majors says his dating game can get any woman to fall for him within 48 hours.

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His seduction method of choice? Movies and music!

The Lovecraft Country star recently sat down with The Cut and shared the love tactics he uses in relationships.

“Send a text message with a song. My song of choice would be “Come Over” by Aaliyah.”

The Marvel hero then instructs his brethren to,

“only wear sweatpants”.

Some men may need to skip this tip for obvious reasons.

He continued,

“You then have to watch Love Jones – slash – Love & Basketball. After that, the song you should be playing is “Whenever Wherever Whatever, by Maxwell.” He continued, “The next day, send them another song by Maxwell with, “I thought you’d like this”.

The Devotion actor says these actions have the same effect on both sexes. He said,

“It works both ways. If a woman did that to me. I’d lose my mind.”

Majors says these tricks of the trade are effective for break-ups as well. He advised,

“First, play “Creep” by TLC on repeat, then hum it in the morning, then watch Blue Valentine with your partner and your cat”. He continued, “Then play “No Scrubs” at which point you would’ve completely ended your relationship.”

Fans can’t seem to get enough of Majors these days.

One fan tweeted,

“yesterday I saw quantumania and the only thing I remember is Jonathan majors being hot and some smart ants or something”

Another user added,

“All I have to say is Jonathan Majors 10/10”

Even men can’t resist commenting on his stellar physique.

“I say this a completely comfortable and confident, hetero man: N***a have you seen Jonathan Majors??”


We get it. He’s charming, chiseled, and a top-tier actor.

The Yale grad is astonished that he is receiving attention for his physical attributes. During a press tour interview for Quantumania, he revealed,

“It’s a mystery. It’s so strange because growing up in my neighborhood, people would say, “Oh J with the big nose and big lips”. “I was just not that guy.”

Well, you are now sir.

Even though there are some women who don’t get the hype there are plenty wishing they could have been one of the rose petals during his Ebony Magazine shoot.

Enjoy all of the attention that is beaming your way, Mr. Majors.

We love a good glow-up story.



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