Damage Control: Kim And Reggie Spotted on Vacay All Swirled Up & Kissy Faced

- By Bossip Staff

Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush decided to put on another show for the cameras. The two were spotted on the shores of Costa Rica coupled up.  According to sources they are spending some QT time together now that they have a break in their schedules.

More pics of these two on the flipside.

We’re sure Kim will have more pics floating around to shut down those nasty tabloid rumors about their breakup.

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  • Beyonce Stole My Sammich!

    In that first picture it looks like Reggie Reg is sniffing her to see if she still smells like Ray-J’s asparagus pee.

  • Ladybee

    is it me or does the kiss look fake???

  • ashy larry

    he got them shorts hiked up like Simbad

  • JMG


  • Sanjor

    Go Kim and Reggie!!

  • shut ur pie hole

    will he be able to put up with his

    girl always desperate for camera time

    that will get old quick

    this girl and her family love and will do

    anything to draw attention to themselves

    sick of it and of J-Lo too

    ur butt is fake

  • louis9968

    I put the over/under at 800 posts

    I bet on over

  • jrod

    They’re the hottest couple around hands down


    Wonder how RJ taste Reggie…


    She made the man face when givin u tongue huh brah…

  • lets b real


  • Shay

    These idiots do realize that there are private beaches where the paps can’t go…nvmd.

  • Tabloid_Lies

    Time and again those Tabloids write lies and by the time it gets to the store shelf we already see it’s a lie.
    Brad And Angelina Jolie have broken up=LIE!!
    Reggie and Kim have broken up=LIE!!
    Elin is Divorcing Tiger=LIE!!
    Pretty soon those mags will only be good for toilet paper.

  • num1dominicano

    by the looks of that one pic…her cakes look real to me…

  • thing thing

    i see the backside looking much much much much much much much much firmer than usual

  • manster

    Paula Patton & Robin Thicke=Beautiful Couple

    Kim K & Reggie Bush=#########%%%%%%%%%%%%%%.

    Way to live up to the double standards Yall!!!!

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983. 39 DAYS!!! SHANI DAVIS ALL DAY!!!


    Costa Rica!


    Still waiting though to see if he drops a ring on it.

    Hope they enjoy their vacay. Wish I was somewhere warm now

  • Keepingitreal

    Behind every lie there is an element of truth

  • carion

    Why hasn’t Reggie married Kim yet?

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983. 39 DAYS!!! SHANI DAVIS ALL DAY!!!


    I didn’t hear they broke up. Who concocted that??

  • CC

    Who in hell believes tabloids? Is this the same tabloid that said that Kourtney’s baby daddy Scott nickname was “STD”?

  • Aboogie

    reggie got a bubble butt phatty

  • casey

    Tabloids talk about breakup? How is Reggie going to breakup with Kim and they just bought a house together? How do you think Kim got that house? Reggie isn’t going anywhere and they have not broken up.

  • Chai

    It’s just like this tired girl to pose for the paps kissing Reggie after that story came out last week.

    She’s like a puppet on a string and doesn’t realize how ridiculous she is.

  • Tabloid_Lies

    The Mags say Kim and Reggie broke up and then you see them kissing AFTER the magazine comes out.
    She gets double publicity, more viewers for her show.
    Double winner=Kim, again.

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