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Scott Adams, cartoonist and author and creator of "Dilbert", poses for a portrait in his home office with his new book "How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big: Kind of the Story of My Life" on Monday, January 6, 2014 in Pleasanton, Calif.

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If being obtuse was an Olympic sport, some of these white folks would be drippin’ in gold.

You’ve probably never heard of Scott Adams a day in your life but you’ve likely seen his creation before. Adams is a cartoonish cartoonist (try saying that 5 times fast) responsible for the long-running character Dilbert. According to NPR, Adams took to his YouTube show Real Coffee with Scott Adams to cite a poll (1,000 respondents) from conservative outfit Rasmussen Reports that showed when asked, “Is it ok to be white?” 26% of the Black respondents said, “no” and 21% “weren’t sure”.

First and foremost, we are literally LMAO’ing. We can practically see the smiles and hear the laughs of the 26% of Black respondents. Moreover, what additional information did the 21% want before they made up their mind? Everything is funny but we digress.

This poll pained Adams’ generous caucasian heart to the point that he announced that he will no longer be offering his life-changing help to the Black community and encouraged other racistly mayo-based mammals to do the same…

“It turns out that nearly half of that team doesn’t think I’m okay to be white,” he said, adding that he would re-identify as white. “I’m going to back off from being helpful to Black America because it doesn’t seem like it pays off,” he said. “I get called a racist. That’s the only outcome. It makes no sense to help Black Americans if you’re white. It’s over. Don’t even think it’s worth trying.”

He went on to say that he wants nothing to do with a “hate group” and advised white people to “get the f**k away from Black people” to which some would say, sheeeee*t we been asking y’all to just leave us the f**k alone for a long time now what took you so damn long??

As a result of the racist rant, Dilbert has been dropped by its distributor and multiple newspapers have issued public statements severing their ties with all things associated with the comic.

In a letter from the editor, The Oregonian‘s Therese Bottomly wrote, “Some readers will no doubt deride my decision as an example of ‘overly woke’ culture or as a knee-jerk politically correct response. What about free speech, they might ask. Isn’t this censorship? No one is taking Adams’ free speech rights away. He is free to share his abhorrent comments on YouTube and Twitter so long as those companies allow them. This also isn’t censorship; it’s editing. Editors make decisions every day about what to publish, balancing the need to inform against the possibility of offending reader sensibilities.”



During Black History Month, no less. FAFO, my boi!


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