Damage Control: Chris Love The Kids

- By Bossip Staff

Breezy was spotted doing major damage control at the Sisulu-Walker Charter School of Harlem last week, reading to a bunch of 3rd graders.

Looks like he was camera ready for each shot, we wonder if he even really read a book. More pics on the flippy.

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  • I'm bambi itch!

    I’m sure he enjoyed it.

  • asmo

    Image control? I’ve never seen him do anything like this before… hope it’s genuine!

  • Mock Rock Star

    That’s cool Chris, but if U really want to do some damage control he should donate his bone marrow and volunteer at battered women centers!!!

  • mel1233

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  • me

    “Breezy is for the children”,as ODB would put it


    poor chris brown, he is really struggling to clean up his image. He needs to lay low for a while and then come back with a few hits to put him back on the map.

    G@y songz is the new force in r&b atm, and with these women beater stories still plaguing chris brown it is best that he takes a year long break.

  • Jemma

    The problem with criticizing others is that everyone does bad things, some are seen by others and most are hidden. If the curtains could come open on all of us, I’m sure we’d want others to cut us some slack. Leave Brown alone. I hear people making excuses for Rihanna’s irresponsible behavior by saying, “she’s young”, but I guess in our eyes, one sin is greater than the other. Thank goodness I don’t have to ask any of you for a second chance.

  • Jemma

    Annointed One:

    Please take that picture of Jesus (as you see him) down because you don’t sound Christ-like at all. You need to stop sitting in judgment of others and focus on your own angry self and stop worshipping celebrities (and you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about).

  • Mrs. KB24

    I knew somebody was goin to bring Rihanna in to this post. She has nothin to do with this. I wish mofo’s will leave that damn girl alone. Always tryin to bring her down to lift this damn little boy up.

  • MrTavMarie

    Good look for him. Those kids are at his intellectual speed.


    Good job chris, im happy for you

  • Holla

    He just tryin to get some good publicity. If you asked him to do this 3 years ago he would’ve claimed he’s to “big” to do it. But now that his career fell apart he’s willing to do anything to get some attention. THIS IS NOT GENUINE! GIVE IT UP CHRIS ITS OVER ACCEPT THAT.

  • Me

    Unless YOU volunteered to read to them and have pics to prove it, you have nothing to criticize. FYI- He was doing lots of things like this even BEFORE the incident. He’s just under more of a microscope now and all of his actions are misconstrued.

    Grow up folks. This 20 yr old has probably helped more people than most of you.

  • Glok.. Da Messiah,... Da Anointed One!


  • shawn

    I read that he has done this before at other schools. It just was not publicized, now it is because everything he does is critized. Have you forgotten that he did concerts for kids in Africa and other places? He also volunteers for Best Buddies so I think it is genuine or at least as genuine as any other star. Glad no one is looking at my life with a microscope just waiting for me to mess up.

  • Glok.. Da Messiah,... Da Anointed One!

    K.N.O.B IZ A CUSS? F.UK!

  • real black is chocolate

    LOL oh pls!

  • tt

    that b.i.t.c.h. Rihanna can’t even speak english, so you know she probably can’t even read. and why isn’t she out doing stuff like this? i like how everybody pretends to forget that SHE HIT HIM FIRST. that’s not what you call a ‘battered woman’. that’s what you call a h.o. who stepped out of line and forgot that she was not a man, so chris had to remind her.

  • real black is chocolate

    yo it’s the truth are dark-skinned black kids officially are dead in america!

    that is why real chocolate/dark-skinned black ppl have died in Brazil and southern America!

    thanks to such self-hatred dark-skinned nikkaz!

    mixed/light-skinned is devils sh’t

    black ppl wake up!

  • Tena

    It’s sad how you hate this young man so bad, that you turned a positive event into negativity.

  • bluekid

    Please stop talking about Rihanna in this thread, let go handle Rihanna. Chris Brown has been doing what he is suppose to be doing. I hope he keep it up and leave ho’s out of his life and put out a hit album.
    Chris Brown is a man he cannot talk to battered woman, but what he could do is make children from those relationship feel better by doing what he is doing, because he was raised in a battered home has a child.

  • bluekid

    I was trying to say let God, but I guess God isn’t handling anything in certain peoples lives. My hands just wouldn’t let me type that in front of her name.

  • Me

    I need to step up my volunteer work too. People don’t realize how important something like this is. It makes that little black kid, who may not have an ideal situation at home, feel like somebody cares and maybe books CAN be cool, b/c Chris came all this way to sit down and READ with them and had a smile on his face while doing it. They will never forget this. We all know how little importance tends to be put on reading and being studious in our communities.

  • Deenj

    The problem with people who post these negative comments is that they weren’t fans of Chris Brown to begin with so they obviously are clueless about what charities and volunteer work he’s done before the Rihanna incident. Only the ignorant make comments about things they don’t know. This young man (and he’s shown himself to be just that!) has been doing volunteer work since his career began at 15/16 years old!! Come on people, think about your comments sometimes!

  • bluekid

    Hi Golk
    Hi Jemma
    I had to take a second take at that Jesus pic you have has a avatar. Yup! It’s Obama.
    I still love me some Golk and Jemma 🙂

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