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Justin Jones

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The word says that the weapons won’t prosper, not that they won’t be formed.

In the aftermath of the shooting a Covenant School in Nashville, a reinvigorated call for gun control took hold of the city, and local politicians Justin Jones and Justin Pearson, the youngest state reps in office, lead the way. Their leadership made Republicans very insecure and thus, the right wing members of the state house moved expeditiously to have the brothas expelled from their publicly appointed seats. A white state rep, 60-year-old Gloria Johnson, was not expelled despite the fact that she stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Jones and Pearson during the protest that took place on the house floor.

Prospering was put on pause yesterday according to CNN as the Nashville Metropolitan Council voted 36-0 to reinstate Justin Jones to his House District-52 seat as an interim rep until a formal vote is held.

It is clear to a great many people that Jones’ and Pearson’s expulsion was both bigoted as well as performative as both men are Black, young and un-afraid. The subtext of a statement released by Republicans responding to Jones’ reinstatement says as much without saying much.

“Tennessee’s constitution provides a pathway back from expulsion. Should any expelled member be reappointed, we will welcome them. Like everyone else, they are expected to follow the rules of the House as well as state law.”

So, they knew that this stunt wouldn’t stick but went through with it anyway because it was a grandstanding public spectacle that would play well with the state’s conservative base. Put those N-words in their places. Let them know who owns their political careers.

Rep. Justin Pearson’s expulsion will be addressed on Wednesday by the Shelby County Board of Commissioners that also holds the position that the punishment doesn’t fit the crime.

Commission Chairman Mickell Lowery, who said Pearson’s expulsion was “conducted in a hasty manner without consideration of other corrective action methods.”

It is likely that Pearson will also be reinstated to his seat once the issue comes to a vote. These Republicans f—-d around and now they are finding the f–k out.


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