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WTF is wrong with these out of pocket NFL players?

A new lawsuit claims that Pittsburgh Steeler Santonio Holmes tossed a glass full of liquor in a woman’s face at an Orlando nightclub. Anshonoe Mills alleges that once the Five-Oh showed up, Holmes tried to tell her he plays for the NFL and “could not get into trouble.” Think again, Bro. Story under the hood.

According to a civil lawsuit filed last week in Florida and posted online by Courthouse News Service, a legal news wire, Holmes threw the glass into the face of Anshonoe Mills, cutting her near the eye, at Rain nightclub in Orlando on March 7.

Mills contends Holmes attacked her because he wanted a place on a couch in a VIP area of the club.

Besides Holmes, Mills also is suing the club’s owner, J.J. Whispers Group Inc.

The complaint states: “When confronted with the possibility of incarceration, defendant asked to speak with the plaintiff. He proceeded to inform the plaintiff that he was an NFL football player and that he could not face criminal charges. Subsequently, defendant offered to give the plaintiff money because he was an NFL star and could not get into trouble.”

The lawsuit states the confrontation occurred after Mills sat on the arm of a couch to talk with a friend.

Holmes, who was intoxicated, quarrelsome and arrogant, approached Mills and said, “Get up,” the lawsuit states. He said that he had been sitting on that particular couch and that she needed to move.

Mills refused, and Holmes began “yelling and waving his arms,” the lawsuit states.

Holmes then put his hand in Mills face as he attempted to remove her from the couch, at which point Mills grabbed Holmes’ hand in self-defense “to prevent him from hitting her or touching her,” the lawsuit states.

Holmes yanked his hand away and a “verbal spat ensued,” the lawsuit states.

Club patrons separated the two, at which point Holmes “threw his entire glass cup of liquor at (Mills’) face,” the lawsuit states.

Club security took Mills outside because of her injuries. While outside, the lawsuit states, Mills asked a police officer to arrest Holmes.

Holmes then asked to speak to Mills and told her he plays in the NFL and “could not get into trouble,” the lawsuit states.

Mills’ lawsuit states that she felt pressured by Holmes and Orlando police not to press charges. She made a brief statement that she did not intend to press charges, and police officers did not write a report, the lawsuit states.

Orlando police Sgt. Barbara Jones said the department took a statement from Mills but that the police report is not finished. She declined to divulge details of Mills’ statement or say when the report would be completed.

Mills is suing Holmes for battery, assault and intentional infliction of emotional distress. She is seeking more than $15,000 in damages.

$15,000 for emotional distress? Is that all???

Sidenote: How long does it take to write a danged police report?



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