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Jesseca Dupart is setting the record straight after she and her wife, Da Brat, recently revealed they did not use a Black sperm donor for their IVF process.

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Dupart took to Instagram Wednesday to address the backlash that’s been coming at her and Da Brat sharing a video post explaining that there are a lot of “difficulties” that come with finding a Black sperm donor that the general public isn’t aware of.

In addition to her video explaining the struggle, she also included a screenshot of the low statistic of Black sperm donors to dispel allegations that she and her wife simply wanted a biracial baby for aesthetic reasons, as many critics have alleged.

“Black men make up 5% or less of the sperm donation pool… once you put in your genetic testing, you’ll be lucky to find one, if any…”

She also included her genetic testing results, which revealed that she is a “carrier of 4 disorders,” going on to further limit the couple’s pool of sperm donor options.

While Dupart said that she is “disappointed” in the lack of IVF knowledge in the Black community, but also admitted that Da Brat’s joke about the Black sperm donor looking like Jiminy Cricket was “distasteful” and definitely played a role in the “misleading” headlines about their IVF journey.

“The headlines are misleading but also my wife made a distasteful joke and now it’s attached to the headline and making it seem like we choose strictly off of looks and we didn’t at all attempt to find a black donor when in fact not only did we try but we also waited to see if more would pop up over time – but had to stay within the window that we had to choose,” she wrote in her caption.

Dupart went on to explain that the child Da Brat is carrying was conceived with a “healthy” mindset, saying that she hopes that the misunderstanding can bring awareness to the lack of Black sperm donors and hopefully lead to an increase in donations in the future.

“Our baby created with a HEALTHY baby first mindset once we learned all the things , was a hard decision and of course we didn’t want to add any other stigmas or anything to our child but we had SEVERELY limited options,” she wrote. “Thanks to all the people supporting us on our journey and I truely hope this brings Awareness to more black men to donate.”

The entrepreneur also posted proof of her genetic testing on Instagram, wanting to drive home the point that their options for sperm donors were even more limited because of her results.

According to a video clip of the couple’s television series Brat Loves Judy, which is what started all of this backlash, their search began with a “few thousand” options for donors but was eliminated by “ninety percent” due to Dupart’s genetic testing results.

The couple was then left with 300 candidates, and only one of them was Black.

“And that [dude] looked like Jiminy Cricket. I was like, ‘I’m sorry but that wasn’t gonna be my choice.’”

Now, it seems like both Da Brat and Dupart know that joke was distasteful and only made the backlash toward their final donor decision that much worse.


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