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Despite owing the rapper millions of dollars for her previous comments, Tasha K is still throwing jabs at Cardi B.

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The musician filed and won a libel lawsuit against the disgraced YouTuber for posting videos in 2018 and 2019 alleging Cardi worked as a prostitute and contracted STDs. It was ruled in April 2022 that Tasha K must delete the posts, and later that year, a judge ruled that Tasha K must pay Cardi $4 million for defamation.

She’s yet to pay the former Love & Hip Hop star the money she’s owed, and this week, Tasha K decided to even throw more shade Cardi’s way. On Wednesday, she weighed in on Cardi’s reaction to the missing Titanic submersible, which came after the rapper posted a video discussing her issues with the son of a missing passenger, Brian Szasz, attending a Blink-182 concert.

When The Neighborhood Talk posted Cardi and Szasz’s exchange on Instagram, Tasha K commented: “Wasn’t she posting guns right after Takeoff died? And on the internet, cutting up not long after his sudden takeoff? I’m just asking…Everyone grieves diff…”

Understandably, Cardi  did not take kindly to Tasha mentioning Takeoff, who was fatally shot on in November 2022.

“And Tasha K with your despicable a**.. to bring up Takeoff to prove a fake a** point is disgusting,” the rapper tweeted. “I lost weight, I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep, me and my man STILL dealing wit that to to this day.”

Cardi continued, “I’m a rapper, we targeted all the time so of course I have guns for protection. But since you wanna be funny for comments, ima make sure your kid don’t go to college. You think my lawyers don’t know you hiding money in Africa? Ima make sure I get every red cent of my 4 mill. DONT EVER PUT TAKEOFF NAME IN YA MOUTH.”

Cardi proceeded to comment on The Neighborhood Talk’s post about her tweet, clarifying, “Y’all saying I’m talking about people kids.. I’m talkin about how her mouth is going to affect financials for YEARS all because she can’t stop talking.”

“I’m wrong for saying that but it’s cool for her to bring up my family we lost less than a year ago,” she continued. “Yall saw me waving a gun after take passed or literally months later on put it on the floor music video? But let me guess I’m wrong as always.”

Despite Cardi threatening another lawsuit, Tasha K has refused to back down.

She first trolled Cardi on IG with a TikTok featuring Takeoff rapping, “don’t let that broke b*** in she too messy” as she enters through a barn door.

Following that, she called out Cardi directly in a distasteful IG post calling her a “bitter, angry stripper” that broke up the Migos while bringing Nicki Minaj into the conversation.

“I’m really missing #themigos, too bad they let a bitter, angry stripper come in between them, drug & rob them of their dreams…Cause we remember your last words to the late great #takeoff you said stand on that when they chose #thequeennicki over the #onehitwonder. Next thing you know…#hegone.”

That’s not all, however, Tasha also sent out a fake apology to Cardi’s Bardi gang fans.

“I’m so sorry for distracting y’all queen!” wrote the blogger. “Between me & the surgeons we owe y’all a huge apology.”


This online back and forth comes as Cardi and her legal team make moves in federal court as Tasha K attempts to wipe her debt clean. According to court documents obtained by RadarOnline, Cardi’s attorney James Moon has asked the judge presiding over Tasha K’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy to keep him informed of all updates in the case.



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