Damage Control: Santonio Holmes Sorta Says He Did Not Urge Fan To Kill Self

- By Bossip Staff

Santonio “Suicide Help Line” Holmes is offering a bit-of-a-day-late-and-a-dollar-short response to his Tweet saying a fan: “shud try finding the worst thing that you could drink n kill urself.” He says it wasn’t him, so we guess he’s suggesting his account got hacked. Pop the top.

Amid the perfunctory mea culpas and promises to become more accountable for his actions, Santonio Holmes denied a recent Twitter post that added to his turmoil this offseason.

Holmes, 26, supposedly lashed out at a fan on his official Twitter page in the aftermath of an alleged incident at an Orlando nightclub on March 7.

He’s facing a lawsuit from a Florida woman, who alleges that the wide receiver injured her eye after throwing a glass at her at the nightclub.

Holmes expressed his frustration on Twitter after the alleged incident when fans lashed out at him. “U as fans would never learn!” Holmes wrote on his Twitter account.

“Remember u don’t cut my check.”

Then, Holmes, who has nearly 13,000 followers on Twitter, allegedly took it a step further when one fan painted him as the villain in that incident by writing that the fan “shud try finding the worst thing that you could drink n kill urself.”

Holmes denied responsibility on Monday, implying that his verified account was somehow hacked.

“It wasn’t me,” Holmes said. “I never tried to defend myself on that topic among anyone on Twitter or among anyone that tried to ask me for interviews. I would definitely be accountable for my actions if I did say it.”

Despite the implication that his account was hacked, Holmes maintained that he’ll continue to be active on Twitter to engage with fans.

“I think Twitter is definitely a fun way to stay interactive with your fans,” Holmes said. “Reading all the things that a lot of the guys have said negatively about me, I’ve never responded to them. I’m always upbeat and excited to be on Twitter every day. I respond to a lot of my fans. I know the Jets organization here has all of the players connected with Twitter. I never feed into all the negativity.”

Holmes admitted he will be “nervous” and feel “totally awkward” at first with his new team, but vowed that he wouldn’t repeat the off-the-field transgressions that led to a one-way ticket out of Pittsburgh.

“Given a second opportunity, I understand where my position lies,” Holmes said.

“To go back down the same road and make the same mistakes won’t be accepted around here.”

Does this mean no more liquored-up bar brawls with the ladies?


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