Goldman Sachs Reports $3.5 Billion Profit

- By Bossip Staff

Goldman Sachs reported profits of $3.5 billion Tuesday, delivering a much-needed shot to the firm’s ailing reputation as it faces questions over its role in structuring a security tied to subprime mortgages. Continue…

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  • Sweetest Taboo

    Bullsh’it. All the companies are the devil. Literally.

  • Aunt Viv

    Shhhheeeeiiiittt, are they hiring?

  • SoSmoove


  • Nikko

    Why am I not suprised there are only 5 comments under this post and none of them go into a serious discussion about how Goldman Sachs made this “profit”?

    People on this site are idiots.


    Probably end up givin’ that back in fines.They’re not coming out of this without coming out of pocket.

  • Somali Ninga

    Sorry but Goldman Sach is pure evil! They new about the recession before it was going to happen and gave investments to people knowing it would fail anyways…SMH

  • 6 Figgaz

    And the rich get richer… that’s the law of the land. Goldman, Lehman Bros, Bear Stearns… corruption and treachery is the American way!

  • lt

    they can give some of that money back to the tax payers that bailed them out.


    WOOWWW>…10 Comments… sad sad sad… That’s the reason why only 3% of the population is wealthy, and the other 1% stay beyond wealthy, …..

    Invest with GS, they are the Best, they control the Market, The Government, must less the world.

  • Clarkekent3000

    They sold SHYT on a stick AND got folks to buy THAT SHYT with the folks BUYING THAT SHYT thinking THAT SHYT would turn to Sugar!
    Damn they are good!

  • williedynamite

    U.S. was mad cuz they got tipped off by a hedge fund company to bet against the US mortgages…I mean Im sure they got more inside intel to help them achieve this profit too…whatever, what can you do…cant beat em join em

  • Mooney44

    Well your president and treasury secretary {Tim Giethner} knew this was going on… Goldman Sachs,and JP morgan are the to banks that survived. Bear Sterns and Merril Lynch Collapsed, how convient. Then the tax payers pick up the tab with 2 bailouts forced onto us by the banks and the FED… The same people the perpetuated the fraud made money off of the front and back end of the deal and got to take taxpayers for about 2 trillion dollars. Then Timothy Geithner nor Ben Bernanke want to say were the money went. Becuase they didn’t want to “put those who had been given the money at risk” Can you believe that.

    The american people are being robbed blind and our president is the bank teller working with the thieves… NOW the SEC wants to sue Goldman SACH’s for fraud.. WELL it’s a liitle too late for us to get a refund now SEC!!!

    And Goldman Sach’s has poeple in almost every regulatory banking position in our Gov. So they are going to punish themselves? I think not!

  • Unbought_and_Unafraid

    Who says crime doesn’t pay:

    read the DETAILS of the SEC’s
    action taken against the
    BAS-TURDS at this company?

    These muh fuggahs are just LICENSED THIEVES.

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