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Mary Todd Montgomery brawl

Source: Montgomery Police Department / Montgomery Police Department

Thus far, we haven’t seen a single Black face smile for the police camera in relation to the now infamous Montgomery brawl. Saints be praised.

Every day, more of the people who are responsible for the violence against Harriott II co-captain Damien Pickett are brought to justice, and today is no different. According to CNN, a 21-year-old white woman named Mary Todd has become the fourth person to take a mugshot for the Montgomery Police Department after she was arrested and charged with third-degree assault. Todd’s name now goes on the list alongside her Anglo-Saxon accomplices Richard Roberts, Allen Todd and Zachary Shipman. reports that Pickett told police that Todd pushed him in the throat while holding a beer and would not let him pass as he attempted to move the Caucasian pontoon boat.

Yesterday, BOSSIP reported that the captain of the Harriott II, Jim Kittrell, gave an interview stating that he believes the attack was racially motivated. Another witness to the attack says she heard one of the men yelling, “f*** that ni**er!” while Pickett tried moving the boat. Despite all this, neither the Montgomery Police nor Damien Pickett himself believe that race was a factor according to a second interview that Pickett gave investigators.

“We believe what he is saying, and what he is saying is that he does not believe it was racially motivated whatsoever,” Albert said.

“If more evidence comes forward. If there’s more proof that this leaned toward more of a hate crime, we will amend those charges and charge appropriately then,” he added.

Interesting to hear Pickett express so much confidence that this was not a hate crime. Especially considering that in his written deposition to the police, he wrote that he “hung on for dear life.” It’s easy to understand that in the midst of the fight, he didn’t hear the alleged slurs, but we’d be hard-pressed to give any group of violent white folks in Alabama the benefit of the doubt.


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