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Thomar Latrell Simmons is speaking out for the first time following his ex-girlfriend Carlee Russell’s kidnapping hoax.

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Simmons addressed Russell’s kidnapping hoax in a tell-all YouTube video on September 1. This comes almost two months after Carlee disappeared for more than two days before later admitting she faked her own abduction.

According to Thomar, he has had no contact with the his ex-girlfriend since the hoax, saying the entire situation has left him traumatized.

“I’m still healing, still coping,” he said in the video. “It really traumatized me.”

Simmons walked through the complete disbelief he felt when he received a call from Russell’s family on July 13, telling him that Carlee had gone missing after she stopped on the side of a highway and called police to report seeing a child on the side of the road.

Thomar remembers responding, “What? Stop playing,” and was told, “No, I’m serious. No, we can’t find her.”

He then said he got in his car and immediately drove over to the site of her supposed disappearance, “went to the search party, had no sleep, didn’t take no shower” while he was “looking for my girl.”

Two days later, Russell returned home on foot, telling investigators she was captured by a woman and a man with orange hair but was able to escape. At the time, police also said she had looked up terms about Amber Alerts and the movie Taken online before her disappearance.

Despite this, Simmons defended her three days later, asking social media users to stop “bullying” Carlee.

In his new YouTube video, Simmons revealed that he only learned of hoax from a later police press conference.

“If you really wanted to tell me the truth, you could have told me. You could have told me,” he said, “before the police conference came out. You had time to tell me.”

Thomar went on to talk about the rumors about his relationship, including specific allegations that the reason she disappeared was because of his alleged involvement with a stripper, which he denies.

“There was no stripper,” he insisted. “I was involved in no relations with no stripper.”

He went on to say that the “cheater” and “player” accusations really “pissed me off.”

You can see everything Thomar has to say about Carlee’s kidnapping hoax for yourself down below:


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