Erica Mena is learning the hard way that one “monkey” can stop two shows after ALLBLK fired her from Hush for racist slurs against Spice on #LHHATL.

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Yikes! Just when it seemed like Erica was deep in her acting bag on movies and TV, her raging temper and racist comments fumbled it. While the reality star and Love & Hip-Hop both face backlash for how they handled the fight with Spice, other shows continue to jump ship. On Friday night, the ALLBLK network announced that she’s fired from filming future seasons of Hush.

The network and series took to Instagram with a joint post addressing the controversy about Erica’s “reprehensible comment.” The upcoming season has already finished filming with her in the cast, but it’s a wrap after that.

“We do not condone Erica Mena’s recent reprehensible comment. She will be featured in the upcoming season of Hush, set to premiere later this year, as production was completed months ago, but in the event of additional seasons, she will not be part of the cast,” the statement said.

Erica Mena’s Racist “Monkey” Comments And The Aftermath Continue To Spark Controversy

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As BOSSIP previously reported, Love & Hip-Hop announced Erica’s termination from filming future seasons. While many agreed that the series should fire her, several people questioned what took them so long. The decision came after days of backlash since Erica’s “monkey” comments aired during a fight with Spice.

However, the hit reality TV franchise knew about the racist comments since about May, months before it aired. Critics called out that they still used the racist attack for a storyline without any consequences for Erica. Waiting several days instead of announcing during the episode just made fans accuse LHH of caring more about backlash than racism itself.

ALLBLK wasn’t playing about their brand for the former video vixen and quickly cut ties. Although this isn’t the first time Erica was put on blast for racist behavior towards Black women, they are some of her loudest defenders. Did Erica always have stans, or did they come out of the woodwork to excuse racism and colorism?

Despite the long history of “monkey” dehumanizing Black people and justifying racist oppression, her supporters claim “blue monkey” is just an insult. Others, including Tamar Braxton, said Spice’s parenting comment meant “all bets were off” for responding.

Check out some of the reactions to Erica losing another job over the “monkey” mayhem.

“The crazy thing is, Erica didn’t call Spice a black monkey. Erica said blue monkey. And if you watch the episode prior and the episode of the altercation, Erica and Spice argued over different topics. Spice went low and said something about Erica’s eldest son. So, Erica said something back. Spice had blue make up and blue hair. If you really pay attention it was not racially motivated. Erica and Spice were in combat mode smh. All of this backlash wasn’t necessary,” one reply said.

“Everybody thinks spice spoke about her child. She didn’t speak about her child she reiterated what Erica has told her her son has said to her. Erica has told everybody that her son doesn’t live with her because her son doesn’t care for her. Spice used Erica’s words against her and Erica was triggered and showed that she is truly a racist! People really need to know the difference!” another said.

“dont say they doing too much now, cuz wen kanye was doing the same shit, he lost deals too. they know what they are dealing with,” one comment pointed out.

“More fallout from this will come. Her comment was nasty, distasteful and blatantly racist. She got away with this for a long time now the chickens have come home to roost,” someone chimed in.

“A lot of you either don’t work in the real world or you’re not one of those employees that they want to keep. No job would allow you to do what Erica did and just continue on. It’s unfortunate but yea. Y’all keep saying they could of cut it… to make who comfortable? She still said it. Her cast mates still heard it and it’s offensive to many,” someone explained.

One IG user reminded Erica’s defenders that she went low more than once, wishing Spice died on the operating table.

“Okay since y’all saying Spice is also wrong but she called Spice a Monkey, made sounds then wish she died? All be cause Spice said ‘your son doesn’t even like u’ ? I’m confused because Erica could’ve said ‘u sure ur son likes u? My son love me’ but she used a slur then wished death on her infront of cameras. Smh,” they wrote.

If Erica hadn’t fumbled her bag with racist ranting, her bar fight and recent arrest might have stopped it anyway. At least Tubi movies are still keeping her booked and busy for now.

What do you think about ALLBLK firing Erica Mena from Hush?


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