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#LHHATL’s Erica Mena was quick to call Spice a “monkey,” but cops say she was the one kicking, fighting, and biting like an animal during her bar fight arrest last week.

Atlanta Whether Celebrity Block Party With Erica Mena

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What started as a night out with fellow Love & Hip-Hop stars Saucy Santana, Bambi Richardson, and Zell Swag ended in chaos. Initial details of Erica’s Atlanta bar brawl were already wild, but the melee was even messier than that. TMZ reports Erica Mena allegedly bit security guards and dropped a fake baby bombshell during her arrest.

LHH fans know the hot-tempered actress goes from 0 to a vein-popping problem real quickly. When someone goes low, Erica will drag it to hell, which is great for TV drama. In the real world, that’s only good for following in Trump’s footsteps to Fulton County Jail.

As BOSSIP previously reported, Atlanta police arrested Erica, Bambi, and Zell after a nasty altercation at Lucca Lounge in Buckhead. It was a knockdown, drag-out clash with security, who called the cops when Erica refused to leave.

APD claims a responding officer tried to de-escalate the situation and escort the reality stars out of the building. Instead of going peacefully, they say the group “became physically aggressive” towards the cop, with Erica as the alleged ringleader. Saucy Santana suspected “drinking too much” made the former video vixen “belligerent.”

As cops arrested Erica for obstruction, they say she was fighting and biting like hell. According to the police report, she sank her teeth into a security guard’s arm and kicked another one in the face. Like fellow LHH alum Joseline Hernandez, anybody could get Erica’s hands and feet, including the cops.

The responding officer said The Stepmother 3 star swung at him also during the struggle. In addition to the obstruction charge all three reality stars face, APD also charged Erica with simple battery and battery against a police officer.

Hands, feet, and teeth weren’t the only things up Erica’s sleeves.

See what Erica Mena’s attorney said about the fake baby bombshell after the flip!

Atlanta Police Claim Erica Mena Said She Was Pregnant During Bar Brawl Arrest, But Her Lawyer Confirms She’s Not

Premiere Of TUBI's "Stepmother 3"

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At some point in Erica Mena’s squabble with a cop, he claims she clearly told him that she was pregnant. Now, ma’am, if you have a baby on board, why are you turning up at a lounge, squaring up with security, and “belligerently” drunk, according to Saucy Santana?

The math wasn’t math-ing, but what did she have to lose after throwing down with Atlanta police? Even Ms. Mena’s lawyer knew that lie wouldn’t fly for long. However, he says that security and Atlanta PD were really the ones in the wrong.

“On behalf of Erica Mena (who is not pregnant), we will immediately start investigating the events of August 25, 2023. It is clear that this was an incident between citizens, private security and off-duty police officers that was not properly handled or de-escalated,” Drew Findling told TMZ.

“We know this because the officer readily admits in his report that he punched a private citizen in the face 4 or 5 times and used unnecessary force against Erica as well.”

This claim isn’t surprising, considering that the only worse reputation here than Erica’s is Atlanta PD’s.

“While Erica regrets some of the circumstances of that night, it is also important to understand the context and details of the incident so we will do our due diligence and review accordingly,” he said.

It’s been a hell of a week for Erica, who just lost her job for racist slurs during a violent blow-up with Spice on LHHATL. On Saturday, the franchise announced Erica was fired “effective immediately” and would not appear in future episodes after this current season airs.

Whew, Jesus, take the wheel and drive Erica to anger management!

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