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Tyrese and DJ Envy are still going at it, and from the looks of the former’s latest rant, the back and forth isn’t stopping any time soon.

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The actor and the radio host have been trading shade since Tyrese’s latest appearance on The Breakfast Club, where DJ Envy accused Tyrese of disrespecting his wife.

In the aftermath of their on-air argument, Envy and his wife insisted that his former friend crossed some lines, but the Fast and Furious star claims he’s lying to justify making fun of him during his time of need.

Now, in a series of lengthy audio clips and captions, the actor is taking things to a whole new level.

“Wasn’t gonna do this…I’ve wrestled, it’s gloves off… @DJEnvy you wanted to go viral… Enjoy,” he began in his Instagram caption. “Since we out here tryna go ‘viral’ threatening live on the air, let’s unpack this all. However way you/yall respond I’m done done… Have fun!! Milk it into ratings and more blogs. What I’m NEVER gonna do until I take my last breath is let anyone question my integrity, attack my character and be out here reckless on some random f**k s**t.”

He continued, “I would strongly suggest you tread lightly, I don’t do cease-and-desist letters, I don’t deal with lawyers, I don’t snitch, I don’t gaslight. I wanna f**k up and I’ll make a mistake, I can tell my own self under the bus. You decide on your own what level we’re gonna take it to from here… I want all the smoke beige n***a.”

Tyrese goes on to imply that he must not have disrespected Envy’s wife, Gia Casey, because Envy has still been in contact with him this whole time–only to confront him all these years later.

“I’m aggressive – not passive aggressive,” Tyrese continued. “If ANY MAN were to ever disrespect my wife, I wouldn’t still be IN TOUCH with him in any capacity and try to confront [him] 6 years later. And we’ve all been in touch this whole time. The only drama I have in my life is BM drama and divorce drama.”

He went on  to say, “I don’t bother nobody… I disrespect no one. I’m sorry if I let anyone down from addressing this, I just couldn’t let this one roll off my back. Y’all have fun. He wanted to go viral from threatening me and calling himself confronting me while the cameras was rolling. 6 years of SILENCE? Now this… nah bruh… real Watts n**** right here I’m not having it… see you soon…”

So far, Envy has yet to respond.


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